Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Treasured Trinkets

I am a bit of a sentimentalist i suppose, although i'm not sure that's even a word in the american language, sentimental in a way that little things cleave close to my heart, so close that i would not take any amount of money for these little things i have, because they are so dear to me. So today i am sharing only a few ( in no particular order) of my treasured trinkets, because the rest are mine, all mine

1. keepsake boxes:
these two treasure boxes sit right beside our bed
they are filled with wedding cards full of love, bows and colorful
ribbons from our showers, wedding napkins/invitations etc..
 along with just enough room for other 
keepsakes along the road.

2. wedding albums:
i LOVE our wedding photo's
they are so beautiful and capture just what i
wanted them to:
that being
the love me and garrett have for each other
it shines on every photo
i will always look back on them and smile

3. wedding broach:
    my mama bought this pretty little pin for
our wedding cake, i keep it on our
dresser top and see it every day.

4. geode:
garrett brought this to me just before
he proposed to me. i told him the night
he gave it to me he would have to give
me another diamond in exchange 
to get it back from me,
and he did. 

5. golden snowflake necklace:
this necklace was my mow mow's
i like to wear it every now and then
in remembrance of her.
we were so close.

6. knife and fork set:
i stole these on our honeymoon at 
jim-n-nicks because they magnetized
instantly when i went to pick them up to
begin eating. can you really blame me
for stealing them? i wrapped a blue
ribbon around them and they now lay
in my treasure box beside our bed.

7. my wedding rings:
i LOVE my diamonds
garrett could not have picked a more perfect ring
and i will always cherish it so, so much
i also love his as well, seeing his ring on that finger
gives me the love goosies everytime!

8. natchez:
it is where our love for each other began
so of course it has to be displayed in our home.
we love natchez

9. my collection of good reads:
i love books, but only certain kinds
meaningful books full of passion and life
and i love poetry, i also like to write it
on a whim.

10. golden musical bracelet:
i've had this little bracelet since i can remember
i used to wear it religiously, i just adore it.

So now that i have shared my little things, what are yours? I would love to know what treasures you keep near the heart! 


  1. I love the keepsake box, such a great idea:)

  2. love these sweet trinkets... i too, keep lots of little sentimental items around :)

    also - i was wondering if you want to trade buttons?

  3. I love #1! Such a good idea, I really need to do that with all of our wedding things.


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