Sunday, November 11, 2012

i'm cheetah-licious

Hi friends, it's a lazy sunday afternoon here at the smith casa, sundays are always so nice, aren't they? Want to know what Mrs. Smith is doing: i'm just sitting pretty beside the wall heater with my trusty new cheetah slippers drinking cranberry juice from a wine glass. Classy i. Who says wine is the only drink intended for such a glass? Although wine is good for the soul, i'm all out of cupcake wine so here's a toast to pure 100 percent cranberry delight, which is good for my kidneys. Kidneys are indeed important, ya know!

fyi: i don't believe i have expressed my deep love for cheetah slippers and such
so today is national cheetah slipper day at the smiths

Since sunday's are the bacon to my grease, i need to make this post a little simple, you won't mind eh? I have to give a big shout out to all my pals who awarded me "The Liebster Award". I was just awarded the award not long ago, but it humbles me that you guys actually like what i write here, so i have to express my undying gratitude. So here's a Big  Thank You to: Nicole and Dan @ Grub n Marriage, Karla @ Forever Newly Wedded, and Katie @ Mr.& Mrs. Smith! Don't be shy, go take a lookie at their bloggy woggy,  you won't be sorry, these ladies rock!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!! Love the slippers :)!!

  2. I love my slippers so much--they are a big necessity this time of year, but mine are not nearly as cool as yours, because mine are not cheetah print. They are boring baby blue.

    1. i got mine @ goody's (use to be stage) for eight bucks! they are oh so comfy!

  3. Those slippers look so warm and cozy and congrats on your liebster award! I emailed you pretty girl!

  4. You are very welcome, and thanks for the shout out! =)


i love reading every single comment and i'm grateful for every kind word!

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