Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dearest farewell "Hobby": You had me there for minute, but i believe this is as far as we will ever get in our relationship. Holding you was a breeze, but let's face it, i'm just not that into you! Dear Husby: I can't wait to try out the new tires on my bad a jeep beeper, thanks lover! Dear locked up Mila: I'm sorry i had to lock you up in the laundry room, but you cannot have my honey smacks today! Don't feel bad, i will make it up to you, with ham of course! Dear snacks in the snack cabinet : It won't be very long until your gone, again, don't blame me for husbys overactive tapeworm! Dear Husby Wusby: I just love you to pieces, even though your eating habits make my thighs go into a deep depression!



  1. Aww I am sad you didnt love crocheting :-( it's one of my favorite hobbys! What are you struggling with? With crafts like this YouTube is your friend!!

    1. i actually found a how to video on youtube and it helped a little.. who knows i may pick it back up! at least now i know someone who is a pro at it huh!? haha

  2. lol! You are too funny!
    Happy Friday! =)


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