Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ramblings: Oh Clever Title

This weekend has been jam packed with so much fun, I know the only time you guys hear from this ol gal anymore is after my weekend ramblings, but I'm trying to sneak back into the blogosphere little by little. I do love this little space of mine but it takes a little living to make a little writing so life does indeed come before blogging. 

For starts, we celebrated my MIL's 52nd birthday! She may pinch me after stating her age to you all, but believe me she ROCKS 52 beautifully! She is such a blessing to me, I never could have imagined I would have such a sweet caring mother in law, a gem she is, and has treated me like a daughter from day 1 with my relationship with Garrett and I look to her as a second mother in so many ways. We treated her to a birthday dinner and a cake in her honor, it was great, she loved it all.

With nothing but sunshine in the weekend forecast, it was time to finally get that back porch repainted! I have been so ready to get our little casa groomed for FALL, again oh my goodness! Where has the time gone already!?  It's hard to believe it will be a year soon since we celebrated our first fall together, I love reminisicing over this post HERE. We were just two little newlys just starting out then even though it wasn't very long ago at all. So much has changed since that sweet first season together. We repainted the door along with a few other rooms, we have filled our home with many things that have come along the way that express both of us just perfectly, we've celebrated birthdays and holidays, but most importantly we have grown so much since then, and every day since June 16th has been such a blessing

Mila stayed up until two o'clock in the morning watching me make my first fall wreath along with watching a little episode of Ghost Adventures while the husby retreated to playing his new drag racing game on my Iphone. He is addicted, but I must say he is pretty cute after a win, you would think he was really racing! I usually don't even try to conquer Pinterest projects because they usually have way too many What You Will Need's to them, but this was simple. Bath towels, a few buttons, a wreath, and killa hot glue gun skills, all of which I had! It turned out surprisingly good! 

I finally got to put my birthday present into use my dear MIL and Husby made for me! I love putting my love for flowers into a pot of dirt and cannot wait to watch my little babies grow!

It is well with my soul, I can't deny it.
Life has been so kind and I hope it has for you as well!

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