Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Golden Bridge of Fame

Christmas time is creeping upon us lovelies! Everyday is literally "like Christmas" when we open our mailbox and find all of these beautiful Christmas cards full of love and new beginnings! Christmas cards are the best, they just make me feel all gooey inside ya know!? The bottom of our stairs were holding these cards up pretty nicely for a little but after we collected more and more, I wondered where we were going to broadcast them all!? Who knew our swanky thrift finding could serve not only as an eye catcher but also as a Christmas card holder!? I'm even more in love with this piece of art now, why didn't I think of this earlier?? Look who all made the "Golden Bridge Hall of Fame"!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...

Our Very First Christmas Card, and as Newlyweds at that!!!
You didn't think i was going to say the "B" word, did you?

So monday night, after surviving the most horrific migraine known to my name, i decided it was time to suck it up, camouflage my walking dead zombie look with a gallon of makeup and get that christmas picture taken. It's important, this will be our first christmas together, so yes a card is most definitely a must! See, me and the husby are known to procrastinate things "a bit", but we always somehow get it done by the skin of our teeth. And by the way, is that even a saying or did I just make that up? Anyway, after a few snaps beside the tree with no room for wardrobe changes thanks to my ever so patient husby ( he isn't the picture taking kind, he gets a little over done after two to three shots) we made the sweetest picture ever thanks to my mother in law! It's hard to believe we will be celebrating Christmas in just six days! I can hardly wait for my dear husby to open his can of turnip greens i wrapped up so nicely for him underneath the tree, he will never know i jacked them from the kitchen cabinet!! And tossing all of his white socks ( i have a phobia of washing whites) since a pound of colored socks are awaiting him is tempting!! 

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's has always been a tradition in husbys family to hang the special cross his daddy made on the roof of this humble little home. This house which was not very long ago their family home, now our new home. Traditions should always stick around, even when people come and go, and we plan to keep this little tradition going for a long, long time. I feel blessed to be apart of this now. I can't help but get goosies when i sit and think of the family we will build of our very own someday, we will share this tradition with our babies. 

All of the lights still work!

Always remember the true meaning of Christmas in your Heart!

Happy Six Months of Marriage to My Groom
I Love You

Happy Sunday Lovies!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Operation Christmas Cactus

I am a lover of plants, ever since my small hands first felt the coolness of the rich soil embedded with minerals in between my fingers, it also helped that I worked at a flower nursery for a couple of  years too i guess. See that plant up there? It has been holding on by a string since 2003! That was the year my mow mow died, me and her were like peanut butter and jelly so alike, i miss her all the time.  This plant was sent to her while she was in the hospital a few days before she died, so i decided to take it upon myself to adopt it from my parents house, i'm planning to save it somehow with a little tender loving care. It hasn't bloomed in years, so i can't remember what color it was back then, so it will be a beautiful surprise, if and when it does bloom. After a little research, i found these plants can live for generations! I can't bring her back, but i'm praying i can revive a little piece of her to keep in my home in memory of her. Below is a post i wrote about her on my old blog, feel free to dig all you like, alot of my best writings are posted there. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Callie Crocker

Well what do ya know, Christmas time is just around the corner and so are all those fat bearing digits we bestow the name: Calories! Joy, Joy, Joy! All the food hipe floating about in this 95 degree christmas air made me hungry so i decided to unleash my inner "Callie Crockerness" last night, you know that inner fat baker being inside of all of us that looks at spatulas in the same way that Will Ferrell as "Elf" looks at his marshmallow smothered plate of mystery spaghetti, anyway they always look just darling sitting there quiet on the counter top without a stir but there in your bakersense you feel the need to venture into Martha Stewart Land of poofy pastries and jellyness. Merely weapons of extreme messyness by the way but then you find yourself sporting an apron dress that feels as good as a jelly donut stain proof suite of armor!  So i grabbed up my apron dress, then threw it down on the kitchen floor, and made a delicious out of the box holiday cake- I'm not the apron wearing kind of gal either, i just can't, caaaaan't do it! Sorry to those who may have bought this newlywonderwife an apron, eeek! Although they are cute, Forgive me. So the cake turned out great, i was proud, so was Mila because she got to eat the droppings! 

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dining Room Sneakpeek!

Eeekking with excitement! Hi Friends of Mine! I'm so, so excited to share my dining room with you all, i have been working really hard on it for a little bit and although it isn't quite finished yet.. I couldn't keep it to myself any longer!! So here it is, I hope you like it as much as we do!!!

Wall Colors: Glidden Semi-Gloss Joyful Yellow (My Pick) & Cape Blue ( Husby's Pick)
I have to brag a bit, I'm pretty good at painting now, but I sort of had to become good since Husby hates to paint with a passion but i have to give him credit where credit is due, he's pretty darn good at hanging large room accessories for instance a heavy old antique mirror ( a thift store treasure I found)
I whipped this cute little frame up with cardboard, left over fabric from my cushions, a page from a book and a hot glue gun.. and that's what ya call: domesticating look it up, you'll find my name under it!
Clever one i am
Mila is always the center of attention, of course
My mother in law helped with the chair cushions, she had done it a time or two!
Oh by the way, Husby is teaching me to play Chess!
I totally kill it, literally.

Picture: Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Items
The stand up antique mirror came from Husby's grandma
Don't you just love the fabric!?
It makes me feel like i'm in Van Gogh's Famous Painting "Starry Night"

This old sofa table needs a pretty top but for right now it's sittin' pretty
I took leftover fabric, placed it behind a frame, and it somehow fit my fancy quite nicely
A few favorite books and wedding china on display

Swankyness at it's cheapest
and that's the way I like it!

But Wait, Wait! I can't hold it in any longer! Not only am i busy decorating the hizzity, i'm working on getting the bloggy woggy a little makeover too
Merry Christmas to My Something New With You
with the help of Kristen @ Whisky Tango Foxtrot Designs!
She's amazing, check her out if your interested in revamping your blog!
I can't wait to share it too!

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Vote for Mila!


I know what your thinking "this girl is seriously obsessed with her cat!", but my mother in law told me about this awesome website where you can enter a picture of your cat every week to win "Cat of the Week" or the even bigger "Cover of Modern Cat's Magazine" contest.. so yes, Mila got entered into that fiasco! She is a Diva Cat.. So that classifies her as Magazine Cover worthy, eh?  Isn't her pose ever so striking!? And can you believe i didn't even have to brib her with ham!!?? Okay so technically i'm not lying when i said that because instead, I  bribed her with Turkey! After ten zillion spin arounds from the essence of the smell of mouth watering turkey, she finally sat still long enough to capture this shot! So go show Mila some love, i told her if she won i would give her... you guessed it, Ham!!! 

Team Hammy Whammy!!!

Happy Monday Friends!

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