Monday, November 26, 2012

Our First Thanksgiving!

Hi friends! 
Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's true
I sure hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as great as ours 
and I don't know about your family but we are still dopey from all the turkey eatin'!
It's so funny to me how that stuff makes you sooo sleepy
there's nothing like it, it's a good thing we only eat it once a year though
otherwise i would be a total slum for the rest of my life
I wasn't much help either with pine strawing the flower beds with husby
i used the turkey as an excuse card for my slackage
i'm usually a beast at flower beds
ask husb

On the way to husbys mamaws for thanksgiving 
we talked about how thanksgiving and other holidays 
just seem to be routine nowadays, it's so much different now i guess because we are living in adult land
But don't you remember those days when you just couldn't wait for each holiday to roll around
it seemed like it took forever then and now it's here at a blink of the eye!
It made me think of my childhood, I was very blessed to have such a great one
and even though our families have sadly drifted apart since then, we still have all of those
wonderful memories in our heart, and it's so nice to look back on them every now and then makes you proud of where you came from..
Afterwards we made a trip to my grandmas
 Me and my mama went through a-lot of old, old pictures together
Pictures from when my pawpaw was in the war, i even saw a few of his old girlfriends 
Grandma didn't seem to mind, she just giggled and smirked that she had a few of her own past boyfriends photo's as well hidden away
Oh and those two photos i'm holding up there, that's me!
Those two photographs capture my childhood,  just perfectly
There i am as a little girl with balloons i possibly snatched from a past family reunion's decorated table
 i, assume
wet with sweat from running around giggling and playing in my over worn disney outfit
those were the days

Last night me and husby picked out our first christmas tree together
We found this little guy laying on his side among all the other trees that stood proudly
and we like to think we saved his life in a way
I plan to cut the bottom from the tree for a keepsake ornament to look back on
thank goodness for pinterest and it's great ideas
who woulda thought to do that otherwise?
Husby did great stringing the tree with lights, i'm the absolute worst at it
And that is no turkey excuse for slackage, i really lack that talent
thank goodness for a husby with skills, eh?
Mila superslept while we bedazzled the tree
and wifey had a little too much fun with the sparkly icicles!

Happy Monday Lovelies!


  1. Glad you had a good thanksgiving!! And .. what a wonderful ornament idea! Never thought to do that!! Too bad our tree is fake!!

    1. you can always do it next year girl! i saw your thanksgiving post as well, how awesome!

  2. sounds like a fun thanksgiving. and i love going through old pictures :) makes my heart smile xox

    1. whoever invented the camera is much appreciated by many right!? haha

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I love reminiscing :)

    Love the first tree!! We had all homemade decor for our first tree last year because couldn't afford to buy any real ornaments haha! But now I'm glad because I have some cute mementos from our first Christmas

    1. how cute is that! you will look back on those treasures later and smile though! thanks for the sweet feedback elle, hope your thanksgiving was great as well!

  4. Yay for first Christmas trees!! So glad you all had such an awesome Thanksgiving!


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