Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Wife Happy Life!

Am i right, ladies? Can i get an "Amen!" for that clever post title?! It doesn't take much to make this little wifey happy though, Garrett could bring me home an 89. cent pack of Gummie Bears and i would think i was the queen herself! Today,  i thought i would share my thankfulness in clips instead of spilling spaghetti o's from my subconsciousness for you to read through. Great wording ,eh?, kind of gross in the same way though.. Let's just us carry on why don't we?...

# 1: I am thankful for my incredibly handsome, smart, caring, hardworking, big hearted husby of mine.
He takes such good care of me, I say that often, I say it because it's true.
I couldn't imagine life without him.

#2: I'm thankful for our beautiful marriage
It's hard to believe June came and went so fast
We will always have the sweet remembrance of that
very special day
I'm also thankful to my parents, friends, and family
for the time and money
they spent on every wedding detail

#3: I'm thankful for the little moments we have together after the day is over
Coming home to my husby is my favorite part of the day

#4: I'm thankful Garrett loves the swivel swifter so much
Sweeping isn't my favorite part of the day
Thank you husby for cleaning up after my messy cooking

#5: I'm thankful to officially be done with my dental assisting ce hours for
this year after procrastinating until the very last minute 

#6: I'm thankful my kitchen sink did not runneth over
after someone left popcorn kernals in the sink
someone, as in me

#7: I'm thankful for this happy little doggy, Tobey
I remember bringing him to Garrett for his birthday
He loves him 

#8: I'm thankful for my partner in crime in the kitchen kitty, Mila
Flour-Staches are as normal as Milk-Staches in this familia
She's always licking up my messes from the floor

#9: I'm thankful that my first attempt of Homemade Potato Soup was a
Recipe to come!


And to think i almost forgot this one:
my newest obsession
..bob marley, eric clapton, janis joplin, the stones..
i have them all right at my ear tips
life is good when you have pandora


  1. just found your blog and i'm in love! love this sweet and honest post. can't wait to continue to read more. xoxox

    1. awh thank you! yes please do come by again! love your sweet comments!

  2. AMEN !! Ya'll are blessed !!

  3. Found your cute little blog from Passion, Pink & Pearls. Love it! :) I loved this post--I'm so glad I'm not the only one who runs into issues after leaving popcorn kernels in the sink! I'm excited to follow along!

    1. thank you! yes girl, stay around, you will hear many more! haha so glad your following! : )

  4. This is so sweet. Just a great reminder to look at all that you are thankful for :) I'm looking forward to the potato soup recipe too!


i love reading every single comment and i'm grateful for every kind word!

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