Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Mila

If you are one of my dearest faithful followers, you've seen this little lady around the blog a few times or more than enough. She is the newest addition to all of the many animals we have since we established our little family in June, me and garrett just love her to pieces. From the very moment we saw her poofy white butt come from the animal clinics door straight from getting her first shot into our arms. Every lover of fur babies in that vet office wanted to take her home with them, but they couldn't have this little blessing, she was meant to be cared for by us. You would think she was a human baby the way I go on and on about her, could you imagine me with one of those!? The earth will literally stop spinning when that blessed day comes upon us! What can i say, "my heart is too big for my chest, i can't deny". 

Word: Every newlywed couple needs a fur baby around. **You must be a lover of animals of course, keep that in mind. Animals are not for everyone i suppose. Boy, that sounded like a caption before a gorey ER reality show didn't it!?

They are so loveable, i've actually found they bring me and my husby closer in a way, does that sound silly? But it's because we both find so much joy just by loving her and having her around, not that we get bored just the two of us, that isn't ever an issue ; )

Without her we wouldn't have mila pancakes or a starving "hammy whammy" who is a lover of all things ham and is now the shape of a perfectly round ham bone from eating way too much of it. Who would I trust to lick up my droppings from the floor while cooking every night, without her around I would depend solely on a broom then and I don't like my broom! Our carpet runner on the stairs would never come unstapled without her running back and forth like a crazy wild cat! 

And even though she does like digging in the trash like the practical dog, i we would not trade her for the world!

So are you a crazy cat/dog lady like myself? I bet you are! Tell me about your furbabies, I would love to hear!!

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. Aww Mila is a cutie! I am a crazy dog lady myself. Except at the moment I don't have a dog.. But that will all change on Saturday!!

    Also I nominated your for a Liebster Award :-)

    1. thank you girl! how exciting.. can't wait to see your little doggy!! thanks for the award too!!

  2. Love Mila! SO cute!! We need to get some animals!

  3. She is just darling!! How did you pick her name?? I love it.

    1. thanks elle! i don't know girl it just came to me, i can come up with some pet names! lol it's pronounced mee-lah


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