Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life As We Know It

Besides the new fad "pink lines" supporting gay marriage (not hatin' just statin') in facebook land, what has been up around the Smith casa you ask!? Well for starts, husband made me join the gym ( haha kidding..) we joined the gym. We actually started a 1 year contract with the gym we sold ourselves to slavery to, so you know what that means? Wifey here is going to have to sweat her tooshie off for 1 whole year, I don't mind it though because I'm actually pretty good at working out thanks to will power and previous old skool VHS pilates tapes.Surprised the sweat glands off the Husby for sure, he couldn't keep his eyes peeled away from me as I was beastly tearing up every weight machine my little twig-like arms and legs could handle. Or maybe he was trying to look as if he was my personal trainer? Who cares that man thinks I'm hotter than a pepper sprout! And I don't mind watching him gasp for life as he woes me with his superman dumbell arm curls! And for that, we have to be the most cheesiest couple to ever step foot into a gym. 
a little proud of my first day success and yes I wanted a cheese burger from Wendy's afterwards

We made a "Great Wall Of Smithies" out of transplanted pampas grass as a privacy-like fence, it's not so great right now but it will soon grow into large bushels of overpowering grass, just what we want! The husby dug all thirty something holes while wifey here did all the dirty work as you can see! 

After shopping around town on my lunch break, I finally found our Easter outfits for Sunday. It's kind of a big deal because this will be our first Easter together, married. I thought I did pretty good on the color coordinating, and the Husby is pretty pumped about getting away without wearing a tie! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Awaken My Soul.

Sundays are the most peaceful days of the week for me, I look forward to them because I know that at the end of every sermon I take to heart, I will be spiritually prepared to take on the next week ahead. With next Sunday being Easter, the past few sermons have been on the crucifixion of our Savior of course which is always so hard for me to take in. The thought of how much pain and agony He was in hanging on that old rugged cross for me is so heart wrenching that if I let down the mental dam blocking my tear ducts, I would literally sit in a pew full of water during the service. 

One of the points made in the service today hit a pretty loud chord for me though, would my spirit, my soul, my inner being be pleasing to my God and would He smile and call it beautiful? It's a funny thing because I had never thought of it in that kind of way, it's so very important though because my spirit, my soul, my inner being is what makes me who I am. You look to others around you and think "That is truly a man of God!" and, "That person just has the heart of Christ right in her chest!" and they just shine in this dark world and inspire you to be a better person every time your around them. But it isn't their physical state of being that we see these things, it's their spiritual state, their soul, their inner being. I couldn't help but invision the Lord seeing my soul before Him as I read through the verse, "And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost." and I just wondered would He smile before my soul, the ghost  I give up, being the same spirit that was once living inside of my earthly body, would it be pleasing to Him? Or would He look down in disappointment at the spirit I had belittled. 

It's such a beautiful thing to think that I will always have this inner part of me, even when the second hand of my time clock reaches it's destination. But I want so bad to be ready just as everyone else. Being the human beings that we are of this world, it's so easy to let go of our spirit though, especially when raging winds and troubles come our way. We forget that it is better to love than hate, better to walk away than fight, and better to be more understanding rather to judge. I'm so glad that I was able to hear such an inspiring sermon this morning because it truly opened the eyes of  my very soul and I pray that we are all spiritually ready to stand before our King.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

If I'm Going, Your Going With Me!!

Rumor has it: Google Reader will soon go POOF as of July 1st! Through the moon? Down the John? Who knows why or where but as a tinkle tot would say it will soon be "Gone, Gone!". This makes me sad guys, sad because I don't want to lose all of the wonderful people I have met through this wonderful journey of blogging but there is a loop hole and it's called: Bloglovin' so please feel free to follow me because I really and truly want to take you with me!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It Just Gets Sweeter With Time.

So I started a new job last week, if that isn't much of an excuse for my lackage of writing will it do for now?? I'm not going to go into great details about "the new job" because I just don't feel its appropriate to discuss that part of my life on the world wide web but I will say this, I LOVE IT so far! I was so worried about leaving one job for another, but I felt like the Lord had his hand in it and I'm so glad that He is walking alongside me as I am pursuing it. So besides starting a new job, I'm happy to say that the husby and I have been married 9 months yesterday, that's just as long as it takes to make a baby guys!! 

We made a Barriage, How sweet is that for love!?

Spring is right between my little green fingers and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on some pretty hanging baskets! The bright assorted colors of these pretty calibrochoas sure brought out my newly painted blue door! Now if we can just get our collection of stumps ground, maybe this tree would turn his frown upside down and smile?! And as you can see, Mila just can't keep her eyes off the fish!

Life is Bittersweet, I Hope It Is Treating You Kind Too

Friday, March 8, 2013

Back On Our Feet.

Ever since our little furbabydoll made it home safely, we have been spending all of our downtime with her! Hence why I haven't been around here lately. It's still hard to believe she is back running up and down the stairs like roadrunner on steroids and sitting at my feet while I cook atlast- I was too sad to cook while she was gone, hence the husby almost starved.. i'm only kidding about that last part though. She warms our heart just being around even when she's interrogating our immortal fish Zeppelin who hasn't seemed to die after almost nine months unlike other betas we have owned. She's one of a kind and we're so, so glad she's home. Life is just better with her around.

Happy Friday Lovelies!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome Home Mila Kitty!!

We are so happy to say "She's Home!". After four miserable days without this little furball, we have finally awoken from our depression coma! There is no telling what this sweet baby of ours has been through but we are so glad to have her back in our arms! We are so thankful to God for answering our prayers, we know He had his watchful eye on her the whole time. We're also thankful for friends and family who mentioned this baby in their prayers & shared our story on Facebook by helping us get the word out that she was missing! It's a humbling feeling to know that there are so many wonderful people around us. Even while I was posting one of her flyers on a light pole at a nearby gas station, our road supervisor offered to take an extra one with him and reassured me that his team of men would be on the lookout for her. I will never forget that act of kindness he showed me. 

So yippidity-skippity for more Mila posts!! 

Happy, Happy Friday Loves!

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