Sunday, September 30, 2012

forever your lucy

picture yourself in a boat on a river,
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies
somebody calls you, you answered quite slowly
a girl with kaleidoscope eyes
lucy in the sky with diamonds
- the beatles

maybe it's the rain drops that keep falling from the sky
the dew that seems to linger in the air
or the gloomy symptoms that come with every medication these days
but i'm thinking of you today
and i miss you so
you, my mow-mow
i, your lucy
forever your lucy

Saturday, September 29, 2012

the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever eat!

shortbread chocolate chip cookies

you will need:

1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup white sugar
3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips

this is what you do:

{if your a cook like myself, get ready to make a mess}
preheat oven to 300 degrees
 together combine flour, baking powder and salt, then tell it to sit there and look pretty awhile.
{if your a cook like myself, you talk to your ingredients and dishes}
husby thinks i'm silly
in a medium bowl, cream the butter and sugar together until fluffy. gradually stir in
the dry ingredients, then stir in the chocolate chips.
roll or scoop dough into walnut size balls. place them on unprepared cookie sheets.
don't flatten cookies, let them be!! 
bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until light golden brown


if you don't think this is bad, you should have seen the other side of the kitchen!

ca ca tooey!

i'm sorry i haven't written much lately, i don't mean to disappoint it's just i've been dealing with some health problems once again. yes, again. i tried to write a little the other night but then i started feeling sorry for myself and i ended up erasing the whole thing. it's just hard to write when you feel the world is sitting on your head weighing you down to the ground. 
so now i'm back where we started, and that is back on anti-biotics. the very moment i felt the doctor was going to say anti-biotics i cringed because they mess up everything. and the side effect symptoms are always worst than your actual problem. needless to say, i feel like ca ca tooey and there's nothing for me to do about it but suck it up and take the meds.

i will be fine. and i will get better. no worries.
end of sappiness, i promise.

the moral of this story is, where there's sappiness there is also happiness, meaning my husby. my soft place to fall.  he takes good care of me, especially during times like these.

 i love him for that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

kitchen sneak peek

i have always, always wanted a yellow kitchen
and now i we have one

our china cabinet filled with our wedding china
that his mom left for us

the wooden old man holding the egg beside the frame is a thrift store piece
i bought for husby while we were dating as a joke so it has sentimental
value.. we named him willis
& willis see's all

wedding china

we have a curtain now!

homemade banana pudding mmm..
husby spoilt, am i right?
will post recipe soon, don't you worry!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

the bedroom

i love our bedroom & it really came together well
the pillows make the room.. thanks mama

my  nightstand
...the gorgeous lamp was a wedding gift we received with a mate which sits
pretty on husby's side, a framed picture of the two of us the day before our wedding,
a macho vased flower arrangement (my favorite splurge from jallans) along with a book
filled with inspiring insights from couples married 50 years and beyond we received at
our shower..

keepsake boxes filled with every wedding bow/card we got
yes, i am a very sentimental human being thank you
: )
it's that important

mila! it's cooooon!

a beautiful piece of wall art my sister in law katy gave me
a framed picture of garrett's daddy and our fish zeppelin who
is obviously swimming in mirky water
knew i should have cleaned that before snapping

i love our bedroom suite furniture
it was also garrett's parents first pieces 

unframed pictures and my jewelry stand
i'm thinking we should give the little girl a name?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


hi friends, i hope you are enjoying this cold snap as much as we are.. it's so nice to finally feel fall in the air again. it's just cozy enough to wrap up in your favorite blanket and enjoy a warm cup of french vanilla cocoa while you swing on the front porch... or fix the garage side door like husby is doing as of right now. and it is really giving him fits, because i can hear him arguing with it from where i'm sitting, and i think i just heard him curse bob villa out...

 he will be fine.. he doesn't know it but i'm cooking bbq pork loin tonight, bob villa that!

today i went to the dentist with my friendgirl, you see friends go to the dentist with friends as a rule of thumb, and i didn't mind at all. after her appointment we did a little shopping, needless to say i didn't realize how great the dollar general truly was until now and the poor girl could not pry my feet from the halloween decoration isle and/or the garden isle. my mom would be laughing right now if she knew i even stepped foot in one of those stores, i usually walk past dollar stores.. but since i'm domesticating nowadays, why not?

we hit a few thrift stores, and naturally i put back every item i pursued to buy.. until i found this old wooden chair for fifteen bucks! fifteen bucks later it was painted pale yellow and sitting pretty in our living-room where it has always belonged.. check it out!

happy wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

word to the {newly} wife:

a little advice never killed the cat and everyone needs a little sometime, especially newly-wed wives, so i decided to do my first link-up which is: word to the {newly}wife does word to the wise ring a bell?? since i have recently just gotten married, i'm learning more and more about the how to's and why's and when's of being the wifey, which means i've also had alot of oopsies and uh-oh's and wait, do what?? mom!!? so if your a newly-wed like me, i may just give you the advice you never knew you needed, and if your a advanced wifey then you will at least get a good laugh out of it! and oh, if you happen to have any advice or even a couple of funny stories for humor, feel free to link up or post a comment! i know what you're thinking, this could get interesting, right??

word to the {newly} wife:

as dumb as it sounds, don't forget to remove the oven eye covers from the stove-top before you actually start cooking. i waited until i smelt something burning before i realized my stainless steel covers were glowing abnormally bright and i went into a panic! and i wondered why my water wasn't boiling over the rim like it usually does.. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

recap in pictures.. i know it's been awhile..

first of all, happy anniversary to my sweet husby, these past three months have been an adventure every day and i still think your the greatest even though you did kick my sweet mila out of the hizzity, but we will get to that later.  i love you, most.

alot has happened since i last took time to actually write down "the smith family happenings" so instead of throwing paragraphs in your face, i decided to throw pictures.. because they are.. worth a thousand words, right?  so let me begin by saying....

a deer hit us

the jeep beep got a new grill
thank you, deer

husby booted mila out
i'm still a little sour but i'm getting over it

husby found the barney worm that stung me
a few weeks ago. we googled him and found out
he is a saddleback worm and he's poisonous

mila is happier outside, but between you and i
i sneak her inside when husby isn't looking

distressed my first piece of furniture and i think i
did pretty dang good

the hizzity is getting some much needed TLC

picnic tables and all

and my little babies are blooming

Sunday, September 9, 2012

sunday's letters

i found these two pictures in one of my online albums.
i had just started dental assisting school and he was working away in southaven, ms.
never believe anyone who says long distance relationships don't last.

dear God: i'm thankful for my good health, my loving husband, my new job and the sweet chilly cold snap in the air. life couldn't be any better, thank you. 

dear husband of mine: i didn't think i could love you any more than i already do, but i love you more and more everyday. and by the way,  i'm so glad your eye didn't bruise from kneeing you while we were wrestling last night, all of the bitties in church would have thought i beat you! i apologized thirty plus times but i'm still sorry!!!

dear mila: garrett loves you, nevermind the water-gun it's really all for fun!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

sunday's letters

dear God: You are the ink that flows from my pen when i write and a feel you, thank you.

dear husby: i'm proud of the hard working man that you are.

dearest mila marie: and i do mean dearest, i have never met a sassier cat than thee... whilst i clean thou litty box, that is when thee chooses to pee... you are such a diva.

dear ants in the kitchen: do yourself a favor and find a new home before you perish

Saturday, September 1, 2012

what's your story?

we read autobiographies of famous singer/songwriters, unforgettable men and women in american even world history, well-known poets of the times and we sit and awe contemplating what it would be like to have lived that kind of life. how they came from pennies to riches simply by loading a lonely bus to the right town leading them to their dreams, how they spoke up instead of stooping to their heels when the world around them was against them, and how everything they saw in life was a song and the words just fell from their wind pipes unto a blank page and somehow is seen as a treasure now in american literature. and then we ask ourselves in that quiet minute moment in time this: does or will my life measure up to theirs? 

will the world see my story simply by their sight? will my life be seen as a treasure once i leave this world behind.  i may never write a published book of my own, home to every library or bookstore's shelf, although i like to think i could write my own book on my philosophy on life, so how will they know my story? my timeline of events that God set aside just for me to live in, how will they know to remember me? and will my life story be embedded in their hearts forever.

when they see an old familiar place in the world around them, will they look and see me? a song on the radio that only chimes in when the mood is right, will they hear me? a single yellow rose overwhelmed in a bouquet of denim colored hydrangeas occupying it's beauty, will they see it's simpleness and think of me and how i adored them so?

me, in the laughter of a little child who at one point in the twenty-two years i have lived, used to be myself, chasing the wind and asking what holds the clouds in the sky? me, standing in the rain at fifteen with nothing but a broken heart and a sign on my back that reads "kick me, please it won't hurt anymore than it already has". me, becoming the girl that learned to patch up her scars and discover what really makes the heart beat in her chest. and me, becoming a young bride to the man i never knew i always wanted and who i will never stop loving beyond my last breath. 

everyone want's to be known in society, cared for, thought of often, spoke sweetly of in another's thoughts and words, but i believe what the heart desires is to simply be remembered, and to be remembered in this life is to live. if you don't live then what is there to remember because every movement in time is a snap-shot photograph. your first birthday, the first day you road the school bus, the first time you road your bicycle without training wheels, your sixteen year old self with running mascara dressed to impress days, behind the wheels of your first car leading to your first speeding ticket, wedding day bliss, and finally your first new-born and so on. it's all just a moment in time waiting to be heard and thought of often

you see, all i want is to be remembered. felt in the midst of a crowded room. seen as a star in God's heavenly sky. heard beyond the teeth past the lips of that beautiful solo sung with grace in that dark candle lit evening room. and remembered as the woman i have become.

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