Thursday, February 28, 2013

"K" as in: Guest posting with Kalyn

Today I will be guest posting with the lovely Kalyn from Love Laughter Happily Ever After! Go ahead, check out her side of the Internet ! You will find we are just alike !

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Come Home Mila Kitty

My intention for this post wasn't to bum you out and have you feel sorry for us, I had actually planned to tell ya about my awesome twenty-five dollar thrift find/piece of furniture: an old console record player that surprisingly works. But that can always wait.  Because of the bad news i'm about to share,  I have postponed & postponed writing this very post because it is so hard to write through the ugly. The ugly that i'm referring to is this: Our Mila is missing. If your a regular follower of ours, you know that she isn't just a cat or piece of property that can be easily replaced with the snap of a finger to our little familia, she is our family. I have cried more than a child could ever compete with and husby has searched for that baby more than I could ever imagine a man caring. We feel like a huge chunk of our heart is lost, but we are doing our best to hold on to hope. My kitchen isn't a happy kitchen because she's not there sitting at my feet waiting for something to fall in her favor. It's hard to look out the front door now because she isn't staring up at me waiting for me to open the door to have morning play time before we head out for work, and her little spot on the couch is as empty as we are. This lump in my throat seems hard to swallow and the tears want to cascade down my cheeks as I'm writing this, but I just felt like I needed to write about it.

Come home Mila Kitty, we're waiting

Thursday, February 21, 2013


"Show the World the Warmth in Your Smile"
You never know who may need it.

I promise I haven't disappeared into gigantilectic space sweet friends of mine!
I will be back soon, I swear on my fattest toe, gross i know, but at least i'm sincere, right?

I Love You All!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Newly-Tine

When someone else's 
happiness is your happiness,
that is love.

- Lana Del Ray

Hi Friends! I couldn't procrastinate any longer to post about our First Little Valentines Day as Newlyweds! It was perfect in every way and we really enjoyed all of the loving-ness of the day! In the coming weeks, the husby didn't seem to be very suspender strappin' enthused about the day of love, so I decided to " in yo face!" him with a GIGANTIC valentines day card that he wouldn't miss, because that is what cupit scroogies get on Valentines Day, even More love!!! So love, love, love it was! He was forced to be loved, indeed! I managed to fill the whole card with sweetness for him, I could have kept going but you know.. I was running out of space! I thought a home designed red velvet cake was just the right touch for such an occasion, so little wifey here rattled her brain until she came up with a groovy idea!

You may have noticed already if your a reader of mine, I always tend to decorate our buffet table in our living room around holidays/events and it has become a little tradition of mine that I enjoy! This time,  I set out different sentimentals of ours like the broach from our wedding cake, a star fish signifying our honeymoon in Destin, books full of love and every sweet valentines day card we received in the mail via family and friends. It's so sweet to look at, I dread taking it all down honestly!

It's a good thing I have a Hammy Whammy around, she sure helped me clean that murder scene of a bowl! And you would of thought I had just came from a KISS concert after seeing my red stained tongue afterwards! To top off the night, we treated ourselves to Hot Wings and we devoured them! 

Well that was our Newly-Tine in a nut-shell!
How was yours!? I hope it was muffiny top full of LOVE!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stormy Sunday

It's a yucky day at the Smithies but it isn't keeping us from enjoying a warm cup of deliciousness!  And there is nothing like the feeling of gooey dew in my hair after the rain whiplashed my freshly shampooed mane! If you haven't noticed,I included a lovely video for yours truly, just don't hate on my country bumpkin accent ya'll!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We Made It!!

Tax Season:
It's truly the pits beneath Krumm's antenna-like eye ball grasping arms!
Being just thrown from the Newlywed Wagon, we were both nervous as a long tailed cat
 in a room full of rocking chairs! But we survived and were overjoyed by the outcome!

To celebrate, we played our chances at the new casino in Natchez with some
good friends! We managed to win enough money to pay for our meal at Biscuit and Blues
but Husby quickly snatched my tickets once my luck ran out on us!

Happy Saturday Friends!

Friday, February 8, 2013

You Know What I Love!?

The fact that spring is creeping a little closer every passing day
Blooms are popping out of every dead corner of our yard
teasing my nicely manicured lady fingers, who are impatiently waiting to be bogged down in potting soil at this very moment!

I noticed these pretties [pictured above] just the other night because 
the moonlight seemed to hit their presence just right for my eyes to see on my 
way to the back porch

Would you believe me, if I told you this was from our apple tree!?
What a beautiful first impression!
It literally gave me the goosies ya'll!

I like to think the bare limbs signify the aching world in which we live in
So much hatred, not nearly enough love
But the blooms full of life and color, they represent God's love
The branches may be dull and dreary as the world
and soon grow thinner and thinner toward their ends
But at the end of every branch, God reminds us that He is there
& He is always near.

So when the window panes of your house become too vague to see through
 Try to see the beauty among the dust

Happy Friday Friends!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gratefully Inspired Guest Post

Hi friends! Today I am guest posting on the lovely Denise Loptka's blog Gratefully Inspired! I will be talking about the four letter word we all "love"! Come check it out and give her blog some love !!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Husby Appreciation

August 2009
Thumbing through some old photos the other day, I found this keepsake shot. We had just started dating and it was our first wedding to attend as a couple, I was grinning ear to ear that day because I was in love with this guy who is now my husband of almost eight months of marriage. It's truly amazing how time is flying by already, & I try to freeze every moment of tenderness in the back of my mind, every laugh, every kiss and morning as I wake up beside him. He is that miraculous moment before I gasp for breath that keeps me alive and my heart would quiver without his beating along side mine. He has my heart in the very palm of his hands and I hope he knows how much I adore his beautiful soul. 

June 2012

Things I Have Learned This Weekend:


1. The husband can scare me when he goes all side ways on the tractor, and yes I too noticed how I sounded like a panic stricken twelve year old on the video, this is why it's best I don't attempt vlogs.

2. After morphing up some future peanuts on , I found we will obviously have darling babies, oneday that is.. the scary thing is they actually look like us!

3. It it still very possible to lock my keys in my jeep, in the carport, even after I am a grown married woman. Thanks to my sweet brother, it's now possible to actually leave the carport, having only one key to it's name.

4. Wine always makes me wanna put my "grab your mop bucket" panies on and clean something for some reason.

5. Mila is good with sleeping babies, Mother Goose she is.

And that is all so far guys, if I happen to fall over and learn "something new" I will be sure to share!

Happy Weekend Dearies!

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