Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Guest Post Wednesday!

Hi there faithful readers! Since i am preoccupied deciding on what color paint to do my dining room in today ( you understand, right? it's a big decision!) , i thought.. why not have a guest!? Don't you worry i will be back shortly, you won't miss me a bit though after you see what i have in store for you today! You remember me telling you about my super cool glam cara box partner Kiki from her blog Glammed By Tarin, don't you!? Well allow her to introduce herself,  here she is ladies, meet the fabulous Kiki !

Hey There Lovely Ladies!
How are you?!  I’m fabulous as always as I’m sitting in my pajamas and hair in a bun! You might be wondering uhhh where is the fabulous, gorgeous, sweet Mrs. Callie! Well she decided to be a dare devil today and let me take over her fabulous blog!!!

I’m Kiki and I blog over at Glammed by Tarin!  There you can find my personal ramblings about fashion, life, being a wife, and most of all my shopping addiction!  I live in a town in the middle of nowhere Minnesota with less than 500 people.  I work as stylist at a fabulous boutique, a Mary Kay Consultant and Full time wife!  I recently was lucky enough to get to know the wonderful Callie Smith through our Cara Box swap this month.   I am so glad that I got paired with her!  She’s honestly a great and genuine person.  So if you don’t follow her I suggest you do!!  Shes Great!(: 

Well since tomorrow is thanksgiving let’s talk about what I usually wear on this fatty holiday! To me there is nothing better than being cute and comfy! I mean honestly speaking who doesn’t love being cute and comfy! On thanksgiving to me comfy means stretchy stretchy stretchy! This year I will most likely be wearing a sweater dress/wrap with leggings! I want to be able to stuff my face without having to feel like I have to unbutton my pants and for me that means I’m wearing leggings!  Below are some looks similar to the ones that I will be wearing this thanksgiving.  Like I said before cute and comfy! 


Oversized cardigan

BKE lace top

People Tree blue tank
$32 -

Oasis black skinny pants
$51 -

Footless tight
$3.18 -

Brown leather shoulder bag
$250 -

Balenciaga handbag

Michael kors jewelry

Not Rated Wild Child - Grey

What will you guys be rocking this thanksgiving? 
I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and if you have some extra time check out my blog! Until next time


Well there you have it guys, isn't she great!? Special thanks to Kiki for guest posting on my blog today, and to my readers, don't be shy, go follow along with her on her blog as well!

Note: Since i didn't want to take away from Kiki's guest post today, word to the {newly} wife will continue next wednesday so be sure to link up those posts!

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