Friday, November 2, 2012

November Cara Box Link-Up!

Cara Box

This month, i am super excited to be linking up with Kaitlyn from Wifessionals along with many other amazing women around the world for the monthly Cara Box swap! What is a Cara Box swap you ask? You can pretty much compare it to getting a birthday/christmas present in the mail every month! Pretty sweet deal right? So who would turn that opportunity down? But it's not all about receiving little happies through the mail, it's about getting to know one another on a more personal level and receiving encouragement.. and Giving! The act of giving is going to be the most beautiful part of this experience, for me.. So link-up, join in the fun, you don't even have to own a blog.. you can read more details by clicking the Cara Box button at the top of the page! I can't wait to meet who i'm paired with!

So since this months Cara Box theme is, Childhood, i thought i would write a post devoted to things that bring back my own childhood memories.. here we go!

Jellie Shoes:

these snazzy shoes made the worst blisters but i 
wore them everywhere, i even dolled them up with
my poofy lace attached socks, remember those?

Pretty, Pretty Princess:

i remember playing this game with my daddy, i wore the 
artificial studs off of this little game.. it was my very favorite

Fruit Stripes Gum:
the gum was great, but the tattoos were the ultimate goal

Sky Dancer Dolls:

i actually had this exact doll! mom wasn't a big fan
i always shot her up toward the ceiling fan!

Stick-On Earrings:

you were a pretty cool little girl if you had these stuck on
your ear bobs, but you were even cooler if you had the
glow in the dark ones!

Candy Necklaces:

i'm pretty sure i begged my mom for a candy necklace
everytime we went in a gas station. i thought i had
something then!

Two Words: Trapper Keeper

lisa frank pencil, lisa frank coloring book, lisa frank underwear
say that five times fast!
lisa frank ruled the planet at one time, remember?

Plastic Lunch Boxes with Thermus:

in school, we competed with our plastic lunch boxes, who had the coolest lunch box!?

GooseBumps Books:

these books scared the bejeebies out of me
they should have been called "Nightmares"


i always had the worst luck while playing this pointless game
but it turns out it had no real effect on the boy i was granted, to whom
i'm married to now, my career, the place i call home and the car
i don't drive. 


i was obsessed with this show, i think everyone can relate

i could go on and on, about how i thought i was hilarious when i belted out  steve urkels "did i do that!?"  in his famous nerdy voice, how i knew every move to the macarena and showcased it in the grocery store every chance i got, how i drove my barbie's around in my sneakers because my parents didn't think i needed a barbie jeep at the time, the nickelodeon line-ups everynight, miss mary mack, mack,mack,mack,mack all dressed in black, black,black,black,black..., slap bracelets, collecting pogs that had no absolute purpose other than being, and my collection of mary kate and ashley vhs tapes, that made me wish i had a twin.. but you would have had to been there, to fully understand my childhood, you would have had to been a 90's kid i guess...

i hope you enjoyed going back in time with me, i sure did, there's so many things you forget that you loved back then, and i'm sure i missed a good handful. Be sure to link-up with Kaitlyn, it'll be a blast from the past for sure!


  1. This was amazing because you pretty much just described my own childhood as a 90s baby. Did you have a skip it or a ribbon dancer? Those were two other gems from back in the day! Cool post! :-)


    1. i figured there was another 90's kid like myself! i never had a ribbon dancer, but i def had a skip it! i found one in a store a year ago and bought it just to see if i could still skip it! lol

  2. AHHHHHHH!!!!

    I forgot about a few of these but I owned and loved THEM ALL!!!

    Kaitlyn (:

  3. oh my gosh i love the cara box idea!! talk about a blast from the past and i totally remember the sky dancer dolls they were the best and of course skin-on earrings for sure. and jellies you bet i had a pair of those!

    1. it's going to be so fun, you def. need to link-up and join in the fun! you still have time to link-up i think!

  4. I just found your blog, and I have to say that this post definitely brought me back! I miss those stick on earrings! Haha! I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley and always wanted my mom to buy me Lisa Frank notebooks instead of the plain ones. Such an awesome post! :)

    1. it did me too girl! thanks for stopping by! checking out your blog now!


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