Wednesday, October 31, 2012

word to the {newly} wife wednesday:

word to the {newly} wife 

if you have ablutoleukophobia like me
which is "the fear of washing whites"
your husband will most likely be wearing dirty socks
continually until you face your fear
true story.

my something new with you

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

soda can junkie.. not so much

this is it

so guys, i have to tell you, i had this genius idea of profiting from recycling our used soda pop cans, until realization crushed my intellectual soda can plan. husby got a real kick out of my big plan of saving up soda cans for a whole year, although i didn't know where the devil we would store four thousand something-mother of can's a year, it seemed like a pretty good idea to me! dorkish for sure, but cool. so after husby and i did the math, we realized it would be a complete waste to potentially make only one hundred dollars in the twelve years ahead of us. so down the john went that grand idea of mine!

ca ca tooey!

i realize this subject has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this blog, but for some reason it interested me there for a minute in life, so i had to share! i hope you got a giggle out of it as much as husby did!

happy tuesday!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest Bathroom Sneak Peek!

i'm so excited to finally, finally, finall-y show you all what i have been working so hard on: the upstairs guest bathroom! it really turned out beautiful, check it out!

allow mila the diva cat to give you a tour

entrance from hallway
the door straight ahead leads to the attic

i found these little baskets at fred's dollar store
for three bucks a piece!

fyi: the wall color is called almost aqua by glidden

chrome towel hook, home depot special
both the shower curtain and picture came from wal-mart

bird on a wire decor, j allans special
send me an email for more information on the store
we plan to change out the faucet with a more modern one
we found at the home depot, soon

i chose bittersweet chocolate by glidden for
the cabinets and mirror
don't underestimate the power of glidden paint, it rocks!

thift stores are the best places to find mirrors
the older the better
& mila always has to be the center of attention, of course

not sure exactly what to do with this bare wall
i'm thinking a shelf?
any ideas? c'mon i know you do!

not her best look
i think she was tired of me snapping her picture!

well, there you have it guys, i hope you loved it as much as i do! it all came together pretty well considering i clue-lessly snatched up two color codes and handed it to the paint guy!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, it's so nice to see you again, why do you always have to take your sweet time getting here?. Dear Husby, having Friday's off is wonderful but they would be even better if you were off of work too, with me, hurry home so i can give you smoochies and feed you brownies! By the way, i didn't forget the eggs this time, they actually taste good! Dear Brother and Sister-in-Law, it's about time sweet Tucker got here, i can't wait to see him! Dear Mila, thank you for licking the brownie mix up off the floor i spattered accidently while being domesticated, my mop will thank you later. Dear Husband, i love you, that is all.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

word to {newly} wife link-up!

oven's get h-o-t lady!
so does a plastic cooking timer sitting pretty
which causes this to happen
[melted timer]=[broken timer]=[new timer in the near future]

also, i plan to do this link up every wednesday
so be sure to link your posts up and add this snazzy button!

my something new with you

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the "S" word

 being newly married, i love getting advice, inspirational thoughts to take into heart and mind, or anything that i may need to know along the road, ya know? i'm a very open minded individual, and i feel blessed to have that be part of my personality because we are few and far between.. so after i read this post by Laura from Twirl on the topic of submission in a marriage, it really inspired me to also be the wife God made me to be and it touched my heart so much i just had to share it, i recommend this post to any newlywed wife like myself because it is a must read!

in her post, she explains how submission isn't all give, give, give in a marriage and  that the word is over-complicated and misinterpreted in our world today. as women, we naturally have this tendency to put our guard up when a man tells us we are wrong on a subject, especially if that person is our husband. garrett will tell you, i don't like to be told i'm wrong and neither does he but after reading this post, i realize it is something i need to work on. i realize, he put's his opinion out there for the best interest of me and i should listen more carefully, even if i have to bite my tongue. garrett will tell you i will also tell him when he's wrong, when i'm right too. and it's okay because at the end of the day, we both reach a common understanding, & we both look at one another and say "you were right". i loved her quote:

 "marriage is a safe haven in which you can struggle, and you can struggle well, with the person who wants what is best for you. be patient with each other, be gracious, and trust God's design for a marriage enough to submit to it."

 she helps you to understand that, as wives we are entitled to our own opinions and beliefs, and that we should express them to our husbands, but at the end of the day, we should place our trust in our husbands hands because God chose him to lead and protect us. He chose man to give their lives up for us and to stand and be accountable for us. what a noble calling to give to man, it really makes me feel honored to be the wife of my husband and i will take this lesson into heart and lean on it often. 

"just love your husband, and yearn for what is best for him.
pray for the desire to honor him, and make him feel respected.
but love God the most.
when you are struggling to serve your husband it is probably a symptom of your
struggle to serve God."

she put it so well, i do hope you read more from her
i know i will!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liebster Award!

So i'm pretty pumped that Mikell from Love and Such
nominated me for the Leibster Award!
and i'm also flattered someone thought so much of my little blog
to tell me so by giving me an award for it
so, thank you!

but what a name for such an award, right?
and yes, i too, cocked my head to the side like nipper the rca dog when i first read "liebster"
i'm embarrased to say, it sounded like a name of a deadly disease, at first
but after she explained it means "favorite" in german, i understood much, much better

 the Liebster Blog Award is an award given to up and coming blogger's who have less than 
200 follower's. It's a way of kindly giving each other a pat on the back and by saying
"your doing a great job, keep the posts coming". 
it's also a great way to advertise for smaller blogs (such as i)  in order for them to gain more readers which is pretty dope if ya ask me! you know what they say, "the more reader's the merrier!"
and i made that one up..

so here are my 11 facts about me:

1. i love the color yellow.
2. i love to write, obviously but i also write poetry on a whim.
3. i am obsessed with steven tyler and i love his artistic ways of
presenting his quirky views on life in every song he writes
he is an inspiring individual to me
4. i love, love, love peanut butter
i used to go through a jar every three weeks until i found my new found love
for nutella, it is amazing. the end. try it.
5. my first car was a green 96' mustang but what i really wanted was a 69'
6. i bite my nails, i know how disgusting of me
7. i have a knife phobia
8. i will try almost any food, once. i even tried sushi, ask my husby.
 and no,
i won't have a second bite!
9. i was blessed with a voice to sing and play the guitar
but i sadly put them both down
i will pick it back up, maybe oneday
10. i never see any of my friends and i miss them some kinda bad
11. i have a tattoo!

and the questions i was asked are:

do you have any random talents?
i'm pretty good with flower's, hmm?

what is your dream life? job, house, details..
honestly, i love my life how it is and could not imagine it any better, i love my home and the beauty that
has accompanied it throughout the years, and i'm pretty happy with my job
so, life is good!

where is your favorite place?
my husband

what is your biggest pet peeve?
when i'm talking to some and they aren't listening, instead they are too consumed in facebook
errks me big time!

if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

what is the most important thing/person in the world to you?
love and the person who created it, God

any pets? how many and what are they?
four cats and three doggies

how old were you, for your first french kiss?
oh my, really? im too embarrassed for this one, but i'll say 16?

what is your absolute favorite book, and why?
the prophet by kahlil gibran
i love reading other people's philosophies on life
it fascinates me!

are you a blood donor?
i hope to be oneday, but as of now i'm much too small
i would seriously pass out anyway
but i am proudly an organ donor and i think everyone should be also
because we won't have no need for them in heaven!

why did you start blogging?
i have always been the girl to keep a journal and i believe
you should write as much as you can and share it!
everyday is a memory, & everyday is important

so now for the nominee's
since i don't know any blogs that have less than 200 followers
im going to break the rules and nominate who i want!
so here they are:
(drum roll)
for those of you who i nominated, answer the same questions above! also, right click the leibster award button at the top of this post, copy and save- be sure to upload it somewhere on your blog!

Hite Inc.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

B is for Balloonfest & W is for Wedding!!!

so guys, this weekend has been pretty exciting.. we got to see a balloon glow in natchez, ms with family, i did my first ever guest post on another mrs. smith's blog here, you should check her out she's pretty cool too and went to our first wedding as a newlywed couple that just happened to be at the exact spot husby and i got married exactly four months ago tuesday! pretty sweet, huh?

last night, husby and i along with his sis and mom went to the famous balloon glow show but while eating at the cock of the walk ( a restraunt must if you ever travel there) we missed the show.. but we did get to see a balloon glow as you can see from the picture collage above. & even though we did miss the show, we still got to see the firework show afterwards which was great. i caught a pretty good picture too! it's always a sweet time when in natchez for us, because that is where our love was planted and since then we have grown    in so much love, and now we're married! and we have a house & doggies & a diva cat named mila & i'm saying and too much but  life is just good and so is God because we are blessed.

mr. and mrs. kyle bowman

so now i know you are dying to hear some wedding details, today was yet another addition to the word sweet for us. it was my cousin's/garden girl pal's wedding and it really gave me the goosies! see, at our wedding he was the only bachelor so of course he caught the garter but she caught the bouquet and i automatically took right's that " i caught her for him with my bouquet! " but i'm kidding, they found each other on their own and i wish them all of the happyness in the world because being married to your best friend is as good as it gets, it's really a beautiful thing. 

if your a newbie to my blog take a trip down memory lane here, and here.. here, oh and here!

happy saturday!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


it's hard to believe four month's has gone by since me and garrett tied the knot, & i'm sure anyone who has been married twenty, thirty, fifty years or longer is most likely giggling at my excitement of only four little months, it's okay, we'll get there ourselves, oneday. but it's these few days that quickly turn into months then soon years,  that makes me want to just keep each day bottled up in a mason jar real close to me so that i don't lose an ounce of memory. i want to carry every memory along beside us while we make more, and more. garrett laughs because i write down a little something that happens each day, every day. but in years to come, he'll be glad i did, i just wish i would have started writing sooner. we're growing everyday and finding even more things (tinie tintzy things) that we love about each other. he thinks i'm the best messiest cook, and i think he's funny when he get's all into the swifter sweeper while cleaning my crumbs off the floor.

yes so cheesy but so me

   tuesday night garrett pulled the big bad grill out from the carport and whipped up some pretty amazing steaks (for two) and i threw some tater's in the oven and it was perfect. i always like to leave him a little handwritten note generally beside food, because well.. he loves food too. so i bought him a little bag of pretzels and stuck a cheesy little saying beside it.. the funny thing is, is he never noticed the pretzels until i pointed them out to him!

clips from day one of our honeymoon in destin
i got a little camera happy over our shadow pictures
on the beach, there's my newly mounted finger &
garrett's skiming through brochures for places to eat
while i'm still amazed how my silverware ( i stole ) from 
jim n nicks is magnetized

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


hi friends, i know your wondering why i haven't posted lately.. this past weekend garrett, i and a few of our close friends took a much needed road trip to alabama to see some pretty bad-a bikes speed down a long drag strip. husby was in heaven, he loves it but he got home sick after day one.. truth is, he wanted to be one of those guys racing down that track going who knows how fast! and truth is, any bike he builds looks just as good and goes just as fast as some of those bikes we saw! ( i have to brag about my husband too, ya know)

by day two, us wife-folks got a little overdone so we hit the shopping mall until supper time. we love to watch our husbands enjoy themselves, but if there's a mall within driving distance, it's a must! while we were in the mall, we found this strange store called romancing the stone, me being the strange things loving person i am, walked myself right in there and found my husby some mexican spice flavored larvets. i bought them as a joke of course, i didn't actually expect him to eat one, but he did! and it was well worth the four bucks i spent from all of the laughs we got!

garrett drooled over this one

lining up to race 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i lost my cat... in the refridgerator

i promise, every post will not be solely about our cat mila ,only most, but i have to tell you.. while cooking supper tonight, i lost my cat in the refridgerator. yes, the refridgerator and i wish i was only kidding! see mila is like a small child, you open a cabinet door and there she goes right into it like a magnet. she loves it. so sometimes i keep the doors open just to keep her from begging for something to fall onto the floor while i'm cooking. tonight was different though, i heard "meeeeoowwww, meeeoowww..meeoww!" and i looked under the cabinets.. no mila "oh shet, she's in the oven!" p.a.n.i.c. a.t.t.a.c.k. oh thank goodness no, whew! 
well where the snikies is she!? there's no way she's in the refridgerator...... she. is. in. the. refridgerator!

and as you can possibly tell, mila is getting chunky  [my fault] so i couldn't understand how i shut her in the refridgerator... see, i spoil her by letting her lick the bowls, feed her anything i shouldn't eat, and a bowl of milk at night. garrett told me i'm going to raise an unhealthy cat and that i wasn't feeding our kids like so. i definately feel bad for it now, mila fernardo you are now on a diet missy...
..... but don't worry, you can still have the last licks from the peanut butter spoon, our secret!

Monday, October 8, 2012

our life in clips

1. in my attempt to snap a "cute" picture of our overly happy dog tobey, this is
what i caught on film. he should win "the happiest dog" award in my book.

2. i finally broke down and created a blog button, go on.. grab it, swap, let's be friends!

3. $4 dollar pancake creator from walmart was well worth the cash to see the smile on
my husby's face... and if you were wondering, they were actually good!

4. mila pancake!

5. we made home battered chicken strips and fried dillies! recipe to come!

6. hammy whammy: this is her "give me ham please master" cry and she wins everytime

7. i somehow melted my cooking timer, word to the newlywife sounds good

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunday's letters

a bouquet of flowers i made for the kitchen table

dear God: i love sunday's like this, i feel you sitting right beside me, and i know your there, thank you for your endless love.

dear husby: this weekend hasn't been the shiniest, but there are more to come, i love how much you love me, and i love you just as much.

dear body: please return to your normal state of being, i really miss the way you were before, healthy.

dear winter: don't you know you come after fall? getting an early start, are we?

dear mila: why don't you play with coon anymore? oh that's right, you grew up... #mybabysgrowingup : (

happy sunday!

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