Tuesday, August 7, 2012

you make me smile

{flowers via mil}
thank you for growing them

 the husby is cutting grass so i decided to write a little before he comes to get me so that i can cut "my spot" of the yard. you see, he's in the process of teaching me how to operate the lawn mower without potentially injuring myself while doing so. 

i can think of a-lot of things that i have regretfully left out lately but i just can't wrap my mind around how to lay it all out. i hate when i do that, it's like a tick on my back itching the stew out of me. our living-room is so full now, it doesn't even echo anymore.. which is comforting. of course, if you follow me regularly you've seen pictures. isn't it lovely!? it really came together well.. all of my gooey head full of ideas splattered right where they belonged... & we're happy with it!

since i've been currently laid-off from my job (insert your gasp here) yes, i did say laid-off.. and before you ask, no i didn't do anything wrong.. there just wasn't enough work. but it was actually for the best and i'm a firm believer in the quote "things happen for a reason".. anyway.. i've had plenty of time to decorate the house, which is nice but i'm a working girl.. and i miss it, everyday. but i know that if i will just be patient and give it all to God something will come up. garrett knows how i miss it, but he has been encouraging me to relax and give it time and i love him for that. he always knows how to make me feel better. so since then, i keep myself busy, everyday.. and this is real silly but i even go so far to set a goal of all of the things i plan to get done that day before the husb gets home.. and it makes me feel productive. i mean i'm partially running a household now and there is always something to do. whether it be organizing a certain room of the house, working in the yard (which i absolute love), baking cookies for the husb, washing dishes, washing clothes.. and i don't mean to change the subject but does any other wife out there feel as though the washer and dryer regurgitates the clothes right back out!? im only kidding though, but honestly i always have clothes to wash.. but it's all good because it is all part of it!

my mama and sister came over a little earlier and for some reason i just could not get motivated today. but honestly i know why i couldn't, and it's the hard fact that i had gotten a little sting from the discouragement bug and the depression bug. so finally before they left, i decided i needed a pick me up so i asked the husby if i could begin taking the wall paper border down from the kitchen. and to my surprise, he said yes and that was it, i was at it again. thank you husby. i have all kinds of oooey gooey ideas waiting to splatter all over the kitchen and husby is talking about what color to paint and i feel so much better now...

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