Thursday, August 16, 2012

two months

i may not know all of the everyday quirks of husby just yet, but after two months of living with him.. i know exactly where to hide little notes for him to find.. which is, in the snack part of the cabinet beside the chips ahoy cookies! every evening when he gets home from work, he takes his shoes off, gives me kisses, then heads for either the sweet tea or chips ahoy making his way to his "man chair" where he resides for a little bit.. until he thinks of something productive he needs to do. 

today marks two months of marriage for us. they say the sweetest part of  marriage is the first few months, and then life returns to the "norm". but i refuse to believe that, i know that if we take care of this great love we have for each other, we will always be newlywed at heart. i'm nowhere close to "super wife" or "expert on marriage" but i believe a marriage is what you make it, just like any other relationship,  if you make it hard, it will be hard. if you love it tenderly, it will be easy. simple. so we're going to love it tenderly. 

i love leaving him love notes to find, many couples don't do it anymore. they would rather post it on their significant others facebook wall, which is fine if your into that i guess, but to me, you just can't get more personal than a good ol'  hand-written letter.

so now that i have my mushy love letter hidden, i can't wait for husby to get home to find it. i'm going to be crushed if he decides he doesn't want a whole box of cookies today! 

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