Saturday, August 11, 2012


this is mila
pronounced (mee-lah)
the newest edition to the smith familia
she is said to be siamese mix
but google says she is balinese mix
another breed of siamese except they have long silky hair
and much quieter than a siamese

yesterday morning as i was grazing through pets on
i stumbled upon this little cutie
and husby said let's go get her
so off to crystal springs we went
but never expected her to look this gorgeous
her picture on the website didn't do her justice
but we love her and changed her former name which was jasmine
to mila
i thought she needed a sassy name
like mila kunis from that 70's show 

it just fits 
we're still trying to find out her little personality
she's a curious little girl who loves to follow us around 
everywhere we go and loves to cuddle
this morning she tried to wake husby up by tickling him with 
her elongated tail
but it didn't work because he's still drooling
and she's right beside me snoozing while i write

happy saturday!

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