Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my list of best gifts for newlyweds

with all of the up-coming weddings approaching just around the corner, i decided to compile a list of the best gifts to buy newlyweds. since i myself being a newlywed, i have my share of goodies that i love and am thankful to have around the house! it's hard to know what, they need, because no person is the same. one may love to cook and the other despise the thought, but even so, they still need that start to make their nest.  here's my two cents anyhow.

best gifts for de kitchen':

wooden spoons:
husby laughs at me because i use them so much, he thinks
they don't really serve a purpose, but they do! they are great
for stirring sweet tea and sneaking in the peanut butter jar at night!

these are great for left overs for the husb. i have them in all
sizes from the itty bitty ones for dipping sauces and the deeper ones
for soups. although they do go missing for a few days and i later find them
in the sink with three day old food, they are pretty cool to have around.

pyrex dishes:
i use my 8 x 8 square pyrex dish almost every night. it's just the right
size for a meal for two. you can find them in different sizes and the best
choice is to find them with rubber tops because it saves using up aluminum foil.

baking dishes:
i LOVE to bake cookies
but these aren't just great for that,
i use them to cook my frozen pizzas
and french fries

simple easy to understand basic ingredient cookbooks. we haven't
mastered paula deen yet, church cook books are the best! most of 
the recipes that i have tried have come from good ole church cook books.
or better yet, hand write one of your favorite dishes and hand it
to us! i love all of my hand written recipes that i have received, it's so

wooden cutting boards:
i have several of these handy in different sizes!
great for cutting up chicken!

plastic utensils:
measuring spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, whisks,
cooking timer, etc..
if they come in plastic, they're usually great!
i am very clumsy in the kitchen so anything plastic

a simple cooking timer:
my oven timer doesn't work so i was glad
to get one of these but they are great to
have even so

good set of silverware:
i know that they are a little more expensive
but they last so long.

corelle dishes:
i am clumsy, right?
and i have dropped my share of these babies
and not one plate has broke
so i'm a firm believer in these!

i didn't think that i would use my crockpot, it actually sat
on the shelf staring at me for a little bit until i finally decided 
to give it a whip, and i have loved it ever since. it's great for
newlywifeys who get home late after work because supper
is already ready to eat by the time she get's home.

kitchen rags/pot holder's/mittens:
i kept every single rag, pot holder, mitten i received and
i'm glad that i did because they get dingy real quick! you can
never get too many of these!

etc gifts:

bath towel/rag sets:
you can never get too many of these either, i kept 
every set. there is always a towel handy in the smith familia
we are loaded!

picture frame sets:
nowadays everyone is making picture collages. it's great to
have a few frames that are alike but different sizes for
wedding pictures. i'm still working on getting photo's for all 
of our frames.

walmart gift cards:
if you are ever in doubt of what to get a couple
gift cards is the way to go! whatever the bride
doesn't get from a shower, she can get with these!
we used a few of our gift cards on our first
grocery run which helped out tremendously!

keepsake gift boxes:
i have two keepsake gift boxes that i love!
one has every wedding card that we received,
any pretty bows i kept, and even our dating hallmark 
cards. the other has our ring boxes and keepsakes from
our honeymoon, pic's, etc...

bedding sheets:
you can never get too many of these either!
great gift for sure because you always need extra's.

around the house supplies:
i got a basket full of soap sponges, clorox cleaning wipes, dish
liquid, etc.. these are great gifts also because they will def. be put to good 

the only gift that i have fought with is:
drinking glasses
i have broke so many, by just simply washing them in the sink, it isn't funny
so since then, they sit pretty in the cabinet and plastic cups took their place
it's a sad fact, but true

well, there it is. i can bet that i have missed some good ones. if you have any additions to my list
feel free to add yours!
i hope this helps any potential gift buyers!


  1. That is a GREAT LIST! I am going to have to keep that in mind for my next present for my sister! :) AND thanks for the sweet comments on my blog - made my day!

  2. thank you jenna! congrats to your sister that's great hope my list of things will help! and your so welcome, love all your posts! come back!


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