Friday, August 17, 2012


mila, such a lady,  is growing so fast, she's sitting right beside me chewing on a grape flavored dum-dum candy wrapper. for some odd reason, she's obsessed with those and the upstairs bathtub, i can't figure it out. we just recently bought her a couple of cat nip (a.k.a cat crack) toys to play with, and she has been crazy ever since! so crazy that husby and i had to hide the cat nip toys from her just so she would calm down a little. she's such a sweetheart though and follows me and husb around everywhere we go and if she can't follow us into a room, she'll sit beside the door until we open it for her to come in. we love her and we're so glad she's healthy!


  1. oh Mila. so cute! I would absolutely love a cat. Sherman isn't a big fan though (and Dan claims to be allergic ... but I don't buy that for one second). Soooo, I'll just have to admire Mila here and pretend like she's my own. Beautiful!

  2. She's so pretty. I love cats but my hubby hates them. I love on any that I see. Maybe one day... :) I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. You can read about it at

  3. aww thanks tiff! she's very much like a dog herself! and julie, thank you for nominating me, this will be a first for me!!


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