Thursday, August 16, 2012

martha who??

i have never been the nifty needle - eyed scissor struck scrapbook cutting gal, never. it's just not my nature to attempt diy crafts, and if your wondering i am not a pinterest finatic like every other girl in the world, well until now. i just recently discovered creativity isn't so life consuming and hard, it's rather easy sometimes. although the window pane above was not pinterest inspired, creativity has a name: boredom. i actually made something off the top of my noggin' and i'm pretty proud so i had to share. this little number is going in my dining room, but for now it's simply perched on the floor waiting for it's "place".

first i distressed the window pane, which took me literally five lousy minutes. the window was already a true distressed white.. so i took an old rag and a little yellow paint, slapped it on there like i meant it, let it dry and sanded it here and there.. and wooolahh a masterpiece of my very own.

i had a little left over fabric from where my mil made me curtain toppers, so i traced out the silhouette of two love birds and taped them onto the back of the glass panes with scotch tape. no, i'm not kidding, i really used scotch tape.. you didn't think i was going to actually glue them on did you!?

but it works, and you can't see it.

so after i made the birds out of fabric, i needed a branch for them to sit on.. and i thought pages from my dictionary. i usually use my handy dictionary while writing, but it only costed me less than a dollar, i'll just buy another one later, no biggy!

lastly, i added two full pages from the dictionary, one with the starting of the "c's" for "callie" and the other "j's" for "joseph". they represent mine and husbys first initial with one of the branches having an "s" for our last initial "smith". i drenched them in dr. pepper to make them look "aged" and let them air dry over night.

i love it because it's creative but on a more sentimental level. it's beautiful, go me!!  

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