Tuesday, August 21, 2012

it starts with a -p and ends in -ms

don't worry, not all of my posts from here on are going to be pictures of our cat, mila. i would post a picture of myself, eh.. but i'm currently suffering from severe pms and i look like who done it! isn't she pretty though! her hair is beginning to darken just a bit, it kinda makes me sad because i love her cotton ball resembling self!

good news:  today i started my new job and it went great!  first days are always scary, ya know? being human, we play out scenarios in our head of how horrible it's going to be, and then once we get there it's usually not as bad as we thought it would be. in my case, it went pretty smooth, and the people i'm working with are so, so nice!

but on another note, what to cook the husby?? any ideas? i'm thinking grilled cheese sandwiches!


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