Sunday, August 5, 2012

sunday's letters

dear God: thank you for such a loving husband. i know that i'm blessed.

dear husby: you have such sweet pillow talk and you are an adorable sleep talker.. and i love that fact that you even talk back. every night i look forward to talking to you, again. i love you so much.

dear shelly: thank you for being such a great friend all of these years. i'm so glad that you found such a sweet boy who treats you like you should be treated. hold on to him!

dear washing machine: you really scare me when you make that loud obnoxious airplane noise almost like your going to explode. i'm sorry we don't see each other much but i feel safer when the door is shut behind me. 

dear husband: i know this sounds corny but i still get goosies when i look down at my ring. 

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