Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i lost my cat... in the refridgerator

i promise, every post will not be solely about our cat mila ,only most, but i have to tell you.. while cooking supper tonight, i lost my cat in the refridgerator. yes, the refridgerator and i wish i was only kidding! see mila is like a small child, you open a cabinet door and there she goes right into it like a magnet. she loves it. so sometimes i keep the doors open just to keep her from begging for something to fall onto the floor while i'm cooking. tonight was different though, i heard "meeeeoowwww, meeeoowww..meeoww!" and i looked under the cabinets.. no mila "oh shet, she's in the oven!" p.a.n.i.c. a.t.t.a.c.k. oh thank goodness no, whew! 
well where the snikies is she!? there's no way she's in the refridgerator...... she. is. in. the. refridgerator!

and as you can possibly tell, mila is getting chunky  [my fault] so i couldn't understand how i shut her in the refridgerator... see, i spoil her by letting her lick the bowls, feed her anything i shouldn't eat, and a bowl of milk at night. garrett told me i'm going to raise an unhealthy cat and that i wasn't feeding our kids like so. i definately feel bad for it now, mila fernardo you are now on a diet missy...
..... but don't worry, you can still have the last licks from the peanut butter spoon, our secret!


  1. So are you a crazy cat lady too?! I have 2 cats. I'm obsessed. Yours is SO cute!!!!

  2. yes mam i am! she is my furbaby child! thank you!! thanks for stopping by!


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