Tuesday, October 30, 2012

soda can junkie.. not so much

this is it

so guys, i have to tell you, i had this genius idea of profiting from recycling our used soda pop cans, until realization crushed my intellectual soda can plan. husby got a real kick out of my big plan of saving up soda cans for a whole year, although i didn't know where the devil we would store four thousand something-mother of can's a year, it seemed like a pretty good idea to me! dorkish for sure, but cool. so after husby and i did the math, we realized it would be a complete waste to potentially make only one hundred dollars in the twelve years ahead of us. so down the john went that grand idea of mine!

ca ca tooey!

i realize this subject has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this blog, but for some reason it interested me there for a minute in life, so i had to share! i hope you got a giggle out of it as much as husby did!

happy tuesday!


  1. hahaha! I love random posts like this. :) I love that you tried. It's ok that the idea had to go down the john. ;) Love your blog!

    1. oh i had a plan girl, i was going to use our upstairs guest bedroom for storage! lol! thanks for following, checking out your blog now!

  2. bummer...some extra cash for soda cans would be kinda nice.

  3. Hahah too funny! I think that your good intentions of recycling should count for something though... Very cute blog!!

  4. We have a 10 cent deposit on cans and bottles but I dread taking them into the store to return them so when I do I really do have a years worth! It's a pain in the butt!!


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