Monday, October 8, 2012

our life in clips

1. in my attempt to snap a "cute" picture of our overly happy dog tobey, this is
what i caught on film. he should win "the happiest dog" award in my book.

2. i finally broke down and created a blog button, go on.. grab it, swap, let's be friends!

3. $4 dollar pancake creator from walmart was well worth the cash to see the smile on
my husby's face... and if you were wondering, they were actually good!

4. mila pancake!

5. we made home battered chicken strips and fried dillies! recipe to come!

6. hammy whammy: this is her "give me ham please master" cry and she wins everytime

7. i somehow melted my cooking timer, word to the newlywife sounds good


i love reading every single comment and i'm grateful for every kind word!

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