Thursday, October 18, 2012


it's hard to believe four month's has gone by since me and garrett tied the knot, & i'm sure anyone who has been married twenty, thirty, fifty years or longer is most likely giggling at my excitement of only four little months, it's okay, we'll get there ourselves, oneday. but it's these few days that quickly turn into months then soon years,  that makes me want to just keep each day bottled up in a mason jar real close to me so that i don't lose an ounce of memory. i want to carry every memory along beside us while we make more, and more. garrett laughs because i write down a little something that happens each day, every day. but in years to come, he'll be glad i did, i just wish i would have started writing sooner. we're growing everyday and finding even more things (tinie tintzy things) that we love about each other. he thinks i'm the best messiest cook, and i think he's funny when he get's all into the swifter sweeper while cleaning my crumbs off the floor.

yes so cheesy but so me

   tuesday night garrett pulled the big bad grill out from the carport and whipped up some pretty amazing steaks (for two) and i threw some tater's in the oven and it was perfect. i always like to leave him a little handwritten note generally beside food, because well.. he loves food too. so i bought him a little bag of pretzels and stuck a cheesy little saying beside it.. the funny thing is, is he never noticed the pretzels until i pointed them out to him!

clips from day one of our honeymoon in destin
i got a little camera happy over our shadow pictures
on the beach, there's my newly mounted finger &
garrett's skiming through brochures for places to eat
while i'm still amazed how my silverware ( i stole ) from 
jim n nicks is magnetized


  1. awww happy 4 months! time really does fly by

  2. Hey, four months is nothing to sneeze at! But you guys really are newlyweds! I love being married--and two years in, it's still awesome, but I wouldn't mind being able to rewind a little back to when everything was brand new!


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