Wednesday, October 17, 2012


hi friends, i know your wondering why i haven't posted lately.. this past weekend garrett, i and a few of our close friends took a much needed road trip to alabama to see some pretty bad-a bikes speed down a long drag strip. husby was in heaven, he loves it but he got home sick after day one.. truth is, he wanted to be one of those guys racing down that track going who knows how fast! and truth is, any bike he builds looks just as good and goes just as fast as some of those bikes we saw! ( i have to brag about my husband too, ya know)

by day two, us wife-folks got a little overdone so we hit the shopping mall until supper time. we love to watch our husbands enjoy themselves, but if there's a mall within driving distance, it's a must! while we were in the mall, we found this strange store called romancing the stone, me being the strange things loving person i am, walked myself right in there and found my husby some mexican spice flavored larvets. i bought them as a joke of course, i didn't actually expect him to eat one, but he did! and it was well worth the four bucks i spent from all of the laughs we got!

garrett drooled over this one

lining up to race 

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