Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the "S" word

 being newly married, i love getting advice, inspirational thoughts to take into heart and mind, or anything that i may need to know along the road, ya know? i'm a very open minded individual, and i feel blessed to have that be part of my personality because we are few and far between.. so after i read this post by Laura from Twirl on the topic of submission in a marriage, it really inspired me to also be the wife God made me to be and it touched my heart so much i just had to share it, i recommend this post to any newlywed wife like myself because it is a must read!

in her post, she explains how submission isn't all give, give, give in a marriage and  that the word is over-complicated and misinterpreted in our world today. as women, we naturally have this tendency to put our guard up when a man tells us we are wrong on a subject, especially if that person is our husband. garrett will tell you, i don't like to be told i'm wrong and neither does he but after reading this post, i realize it is something i need to work on. i realize, he put's his opinion out there for the best interest of me and i should listen more carefully, even if i have to bite my tongue. garrett will tell you i will also tell him when he's wrong, when i'm right too. and it's okay because at the end of the day, we both reach a common understanding, & we both look at one another and say "you were right". i loved her quote:

 "marriage is a safe haven in which you can struggle, and you can struggle well, with the person who wants what is best for you. be patient with each other, be gracious, and trust God's design for a marriage enough to submit to it."

 she helps you to understand that, as wives we are entitled to our own opinions and beliefs, and that we should express them to our husbands, but at the end of the day, we should place our trust in our husbands hands because God chose him to lead and protect us. He chose man to give their lives up for us and to stand and be accountable for us. what a noble calling to give to man, it really makes me feel honored to be the wife of my husband and i will take this lesson into heart and lean on it often. 

"just love your husband, and yearn for what is best for him.
pray for the desire to honor him, and make him feel respected.
but love God the most.
when you are struggling to serve your husband it is probably a symptom of your
struggle to serve God."

she put it so well, i do hope you read more from her
i know i will!

happy wednesday!


  1. Love your commentary on my words. Humbled to be used by Him, thank you for sharing!!

  2. Totally agree! We believe we always have to be right and make our own decisons instead of stepping back sometimes to just listen.


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