Saturday, October 20, 2012

B is for Balloonfest & W is for Wedding!!!

so guys, this weekend has been pretty exciting.. we got to see a balloon glow in natchez, ms with family, i did my first ever guest post on another mrs. smith's blog here, you should check her out she's pretty cool too and went to our first wedding as a newlywed couple that just happened to be at the exact spot husby and i got married exactly four months ago tuesday! pretty sweet, huh?

last night, husby and i along with his sis and mom went to the famous balloon glow show but while eating at the cock of the walk ( a restraunt must if you ever travel there) we missed the show.. but we did get to see a balloon glow as you can see from the picture collage above. & even though we did miss the show, we still got to see the firework show afterwards which was great. i caught a pretty good picture too! it's always a sweet time when in natchez for us, because that is where our love was planted and since then we have grown    in so much love, and now we're married! and we have a house & doggies & a diva cat named mila & i'm saying and too much but  life is just good and so is God because we are blessed.

mr. and mrs. kyle bowman

so now i know you are dying to hear some wedding details, today was yet another addition to the word sweet for us. it was my cousin's/garden girl pal's wedding and it really gave me the goosies! see, at our wedding he was the only bachelor so of course he caught the garter but she caught the bouquet and i automatically took right's that " i caught her for him with my bouquet! " but i'm kidding, they found each other on their own and i wish them all of the happyness in the world because being married to your best friend is as good as it gets, it's really a beautiful thing. 

if your a newbie to my blog take a trip down memory lane here, and here.. here, oh and here!

happy saturday!


  1. YAY!!! I'm finally following you!
    Thanks for your help and thanks for letting me know you got your button up! Excited to read lots more.


  2. welcome! be sure to grab mine : )

  3. Hope you get this !! You know I'm your SECOND BIGGEST FAN !!! Love my DIL and love reading your blog... look forward to it every day !!! I love you little Peanut ! Moms !

  4. K LADY !
    I nominated you for the Leibster Award!
    Check out my blog today


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