Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liebster Award!

So i'm pretty pumped that Mikell from Love and Such
nominated me for the Leibster Award!
and i'm also flattered someone thought so much of my little blog
to tell me so by giving me an award for it
so, thank you!

but what a name for such an award, right?
and yes, i too, cocked my head to the side like nipper the rca dog when i first read "liebster"
i'm embarrased to say, it sounded like a name of a deadly disease, at first
but after she explained it means "favorite" in german, i understood much, much better

 the Liebster Blog Award is an award given to up and coming blogger's who have less than 
200 follower's. It's a way of kindly giving each other a pat on the back and by saying
"your doing a great job, keep the posts coming". 
it's also a great way to advertise for smaller blogs (such as i)  in order for them to gain more readers which is pretty dope if ya ask me! you know what they say, "the more reader's the merrier!"
and i made that one up..

so here are my 11 facts about me:

1. i love the color yellow.
2. i love to write, obviously but i also write poetry on a whim.
3. i am obsessed with steven tyler and i love his artistic ways of
presenting his quirky views on life in every song he writes
he is an inspiring individual to me
4. i love, love, love peanut butter
i used to go through a jar every three weeks until i found my new found love
for nutella, it is amazing. the end. try it.
5. my first car was a green 96' mustang but what i really wanted was a 69'
6. i bite my nails, i know how disgusting of me
7. i have a knife phobia
8. i will try almost any food, once. i even tried sushi, ask my husby.
 and no,
i won't have a second bite!
9. i was blessed with a voice to sing and play the guitar
but i sadly put them both down
i will pick it back up, maybe oneday
10. i never see any of my friends and i miss them some kinda bad
11. i have a tattoo!

and the questions i was asked are:

do you have any random talents?
i'm pretty good with flower's, hmm?

what is your dream life? job, house, details..
honestly, i love my life how it is and could not imagine it any better, i love my home and the beauty that
has accompanied it throughout the years, and i'm pretty happy with my job
so, life is good!

where is your favorite place?
my husband

what is your biggest pet peeve?
when i'm talking to some and they aren't listening, instead they are too consumed in facebook
errks me big time!

if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

what is the most important thing/person in the world to you?
love and the person who created it, God

any pets? how many and what are they?
four cats and three doggies

how old were you, for your first french kiss?
oh my, really? im too embarrassed for this one, but i'll say 16?

what is your absolute favorite book, and why?
the prophet by kahlil gibran
i love reading other people's philosophies on life
it fascinates me!

are you a blood donor?
i hope to be oneday, but as of now i'm much too small
i would seriously pass out anyway
but i am proudly an organ donor and i think everyone should be also
because we won't have no need for them in heaven!

why did you start blogging?
i have always been the girl to keep a journal and i believe
you should write as much as you can and share it!
everyday is a memory, & everyday is important

so now for the nominee's
since i don't know any blogs that have less than 200 followers
im going to break the rules and nominate who i want!
so here they are:
(drum roll)
for those of you who i nominated, answer the same questions above! also, right click the leibster award button at the top of this post, copy and save- be sure to upload it somewhere on your blog!

Hite Inc.


  1. Congrats my DIL !! You are multi talented and should share it with the world !! I am so proud that you are a part of my son's world, and therefore a part of my world !! Love the facts about you... Some I knew, some I didn't... Love 'em all... And I love you !!!! Keep writing !!

  2. Thanks for the award!!

    My first car was a Mustang too! Although I think mine was a 94? And let's hear more about this tattoo missy...


i love reading every single comment and i'm grateful for every kind word!

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