Friday, May 3, 2013

That Time I Lost My Baby Control Pill

Hi Friends! It's finally that perfect day of the week that we love so much, Friday! And even though it isn't much of a perfect sun shinin' day rather it's rainy, it's still so nice to have it here!

My last few posts have been pretty heart wrenching, I'm not going to lie, it was pretty hard for me to "write through the ugly" I even debated not even writing about the day of the funeral, but me being the heart set writer I am, I knew I had to do it. My sweet friend is doing her best to stay strong especially for her mother who is taking it pretty hard, they actually decided to leave their family home just for a little while, their happy home was now a sad home so they had to get away from the harsh reality of it all, I can't blame them. I appreciate all of the sweet comments and prayers toward them, I regretfully didn't get a chance to reply back to each of you and thank you individually, but know that it truly warmed my spirit to receive so much supportive feedback. Thank you for caring, I am blessed to have you here.

So in an effort to spunk back up the bloggy a little notch, I decided to post a little funny I experienced a few weeks ago, I lost my birth control pill underneath the refridgerator.. sounds a bit like that time I lost Mila inside the refridgerator doesn't it?? ...Well I felt the need to video document it.. It could have been tragic, I have never missed a single birth control pill, so yes this girl was sweatin' it down while husby was in the shower getting ready for our hot date night! I know you will find this as funny as we did! Enjoy, and Happy Friday to You!!



  1. HAHAHA oh my hell.
    First of all, this is hilarious.
    Second of all, I LOVE that you recorded it!

    THIRD OF ALL, your voice is the cutest thing I've ever heard. I'm slightly obsessed with your southern accent!!

    Hope husband came to the rescue!

  2. HA HA!! Your so funny! I love "husband come to the rescuse or we may have a baby!" ~nicole

  3. Hahahaha I love your voice and your southern accent, you're too cute! Good thing your husband came to the rescue! Great video to look back on and laugh :) Happy Friday!

  4. This was too funny!! You all are the cutest! And that accent..Love it!

  5. THAT'S MY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW !!! Love her to pieces !!! still laughing !!!


  6. Lol! Thanks "y'all" glad you all thought it was hilarious too!! Sweet memories!!

  7. OMG!!!! i love this!! your voice is so cute!!!!! My favorite part is.."husby come to to rescue or we might have a baby" Loved it!!


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