Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Catch Up.

It may be the weekend before I spit out all of my silly happenings, but here is the juice guys. Lately I just haven't felt inspired to write, I don't know what's going on with me.. feeling a bit dull I suppose, it'll pass. For now, let me just catch you up. 

1. We celebrated 11 precious months of marriage on the 16th.
It's hard to believe we will be married a year in just a few short weeks! My how time flys...
We love each other more and more every day
Year One anniversary snapshots and plans are in the making
I can hardly wait for that day to come so that I can share it with you all!

2. The summer heat just made it's wave, and boy did it!?
Heat Wave.
My toes haven't gotten quite adjusted to the temperature of the pool though.

3. My second attempt to bread making was a success.
Meaning my last one, wasn't.
Husby loves it, success.

4. Just call me Callie Crocker.

1. My stargaze lily I planted from bulbs just made it appearance as
well as all my pretty rosies, I couldn't wait any longer to make bouquets 
to place around the house! It's one of my favorite ways to decorate and 
they smell so, so sweet.

2. An empty Amarito bottle goes a long way for these little pretties.
Who needs a store bought designer vase? 
Not this girl, I think it looks classy right out the bottle!

3. I've seen so many photographs just like this
I had to try it.
Although the rose almost swallowed my symbol of marriage whole during the process.

4. You've probably already seen this snap shot on my Instagram
if your a follower of mine.
Find me here if you aren't yet, and wanna be, of course.
I love a bouquet of flowers sitting pretty in a coffee mug.
Flower child I am, Husby swears I'm a Hippie.

Life is good.
I hope it's treating you kind as well.

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