Thursday, May 30, 2013

Looking Back: Getting Ready To Say "I Do"

Looking back I can truly express it was a morning like no other, I had counted down the months and weeks to this very day and it was finally here. So there I was, that beautiful Saturday morning, on my parents front porch swing while one of my bridesmaids being one of my best friends since I can remember was still asleep. We had camped out in each others company for one last sleepover. Some may mock "some bachelorette party you had!" but I honestly didn't have a care in the world for such a tradition, it was like we were teenagers again and I would never trade that moment in for the world. I know for certain I kept her up almost all night long because I was so anxious about what the next day held, her company was truly just what I needed, but I also needed my quiet time, my space, I needed a few moments with my God, and looking back that front porch swing has always been the place where I went to be with Him. For some reason, that swing comforted my spirit and my mind could just release any anxiety, poetry from the depths of my soul, feelings of any kind, so that is where I was, again. My parents were already at the place where I would soon be in just a few hours doing some last minute decorating, so I breathed in the minutes and prayed to God to ease any nerves that would soon arise. I prayed that our wedding would be just as He had already pre-planned it and I prayed for His presence during the entire ceremony, I prayed for the weather, I prayed for every emotion, I even prayed for tears as long as they were happy tears, I prayed for our marriage mostly, and I prayed for our life as husband and wife. Soon my other best friend would arrive at my home and I just couldn't wait to hug her neck, she drove a good distance just to be in our wedding and she doesn't know how much that meant to me, I needed her that day also. It wasn't quite time after she arrived to meet the stylist upstairs at the home where I would soon be getting married at but we decided to leave a little early, so we grabbed a couple of my daddys button up t-shirts and made our way to our vehicles, but before I left I couldn't help but glance back at my home, my family home, the home I had been raised in for so many years, this back out of the driveway would be my last as a single woman. I couldn't help but think of how it was going to feel coming back to this place as a married woman and leaving to go back home,  to my new home. 

The long driveway leading up to "the wedding" was so dawning for me, it got real, and quick too, as soon as I saw white tents with tables underneath for the celebration, empty white chairs that would soon be filled with our loved ones and friends, beautiful floral arrangements for different settings that I had been solely apart of creating for such a day, and there it was: the concrete aisle- sunlight beaming upon it just as I had pictured- I would soon walk along it's path to meet my groom. I could not wait, throw the dress over my head and lets get to the good part I thought who needs shoes! But then God in his own way somehow reminded me that I needed to be patient, this was a very special day, this would soon be a memory I thought so I did my best to stay calm.

I watched each one of my girls get dolled up for our special day until it was finally my turn. The nerves were beginning to set in but pictures were next so there was no room for any worries, we had to get these pictures taken before the guys, most importantly, my groom made their way around the same long driveway we had just came down before. So into my dress I stepped with the help of my mother in law to be and one of my best friends. It was in that moment that I became the bride, and boy was it a feeling like no other. I was center square with my two best friends, my soon to be sister in law and my sister who had always been there from the beginning. This wedding was about to happen guys, it was that don't wake me up if i'm dreaming kind of moment! The last few photographs were shots of me and my parents and soon single shots of only me, I think I was so mesmerized by all of the emotions of the moment the photographers had to remind me to smile.They kept chanting "Smile,Callie!", "C'mon I know you can smile bigger!"almost in a child-like manner which got to be a little annoying after a while because at that moment in time I truly thought I was smiling my natural smile. Looking back at my photo album now, I didn't truly smile until I saw Garrett.

Near the end of the first round of shots snapped, it was time to "hide the bride", someone had spotted the guys coming down the long driveway, it was their turn to get ready, so into the house we went, my girls crowded around me doing their best to cover me. It was all starting to come together, my groom was just outside, I could only imagine what emotions were playing in his mind and what this day felt like to him as well. Was he nervous? Was he excited? Please Lord, no cold feet,i thought, mine are perfectly warm inside these shoes I'm wearing. The minutes were passing by so quickly now, as I pulled the blind down peering at the numerous white chairs outside facing me, I saw that a few guests had already arrived, the groomsmen were taking last shots with my soon to be husband. This is it, I thought.
Be calm. Breathe. Believe this day has already been taken care of by His hands.

Keep reading Friends, I'm just getting to the good part!
[The Ceremony]


  1. What a wonderful day! Can't wait to read the rest!

  2. Looking forward to the rest! I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Check out SunShine PenPals and join the fun! We'd love to have you!


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