Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Year Anniversary Photo Ideas

The truth is, I have been waiting so patiently for the month of June to come back around ever since we came home from the honeymoon... so that we could take precious "Year One" pictures like these and my sweet sister in law who was very much apart of our wedding agreed to snap a few shots for us in the near future! I'm pretty certain I wore out the pin button on Pinterest, so if it happens to suddenly not work the next time you try to pin something, blame this psycho newly wife...I just couldn't get enough ideas in my head guys! Every time I reached to what I thought was the end of the pin board, more and more just magically appeared! These are a few ideas that have sweep through my mind just recently, aren't they darling?! Now if I can just get Husby to cooperate enough and agree to some of these must have poses! Although I don't see a bow tie in his future...

I absolutely LOVE the cake idea, but let's face it, our cake is most definately not going to look that good after being held captive in the freezer for a whole year, who are they kidding? By the way, I'm sort of dreading the whole cake thing, I'm thinking we will have to blow torch the freezer burn off of the cake just to snag a piece or two! I'm only kidding though, it should be fine.  I also love the photo shoots with the fur babies, I can so see our little Mila and Tobey sitting so pretty beside us, they too, have been apart of us during our little first journey as Newlyweds so why wouldn't they be incorporated in our shots? 

These shots just really reminded me of our kind of love personality.. our love is so tender and loving, we are very much a playful couple and I don't believe we'll ever grow out of the flirtful stage of love, ever. It's in our genes, we come from a long line of lovingness indeed. 

I had originally thought of somehow incorporating Husbys old white chevrolet truck in our wedding, but because of his piece of mind with this certain vehicle, we decided it would be best to skip the idea. But I think it would be just perfect for our one year photo shoot! It is such a treasure to him and I really want to capture the two of us in such a deep portion of his being, I just think it would be great!

 I can't wait to share our photo shoot with you all!


  1. Oh how fun! We are doing them too! I can't wait:)

  2. aww these are so cute! we're thinking about engagement photos now - so hope we can come up with something as fun!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
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  3. We are taking ours this Saturday! I can't wait!!!


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