Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Newlywed Time!

June is right at the tip of my nose and just before my very toes Friends! I have been waiting for this month to arrive for too long, I just couldn't wait to start gooeifying the month of June for all of you with recollections of our wedding day bliss and our newlywed stories of the big Year One! By the way, starting tomorrow I will begin unraveling "our wedding day story" post by post along with tid bits from our honeymoon and finally a few of our favorite photographs from our One Year photo shoot just recently taken so be sure to check it out and grab your Klennex box just in case, I may cause an unexpected tear jerker with all my "inner deepness" as Husby calls it. 

Through blogging, I have had the privilege to meet some pretty amazing gals and we have become such good friends, life-long friends, not to mention a lot of which we share the same exact anniversary day. And some may call it "odd" to form a friendship through blogging and find it hard to understand, believe me if I wasn't so into blogging myself, I would think it was pretty crazy too, but I consider these girls to be just as close as any of my other friends I see face to face on a daily basis. It's just a fact, Jack as Si would say on Duck Dynasty. 

Anyway, we have had so much fun swapping newlywed life stories and such throughout this year that we decided to compact all of our journeys of bliss into a Newlywed Blogging Series every Wednesday during the month of June!  Are you a June bride yourself? Been married for 25 plus years? How about engaged to be married? Link up your posts and join in on the fun guys! Here's how to get started:

Calling all engaged and newlywed gals! 

What would you say if I told you 10 newlywed bloggers are linking up to bring you an entire year's worth of marital advice for a one time only June series!? Whelp, get excited! 

Meet the forever newly wedded Brides!

Each of the 10 Brides shown above have been married exactly one year as of June 2013. We will be posting each Wednesday during the month of June on 4 topics of marriage, while including our trials, triumphs, and all that fell in-between. The goal of this link-up series is to encourage the pursuit of love, joy, and hardships within a sacred marriage, all of which are completely worth each minute the Lord provides with our better half. 

If you are engaged, or married, we invite you to write on the topics with us and link up your posts. It doesn't matter if you are engaged and planning your big day, are a newlywed, or if you have been married 25 years... All the marital advice contributed, all the better for everyone involved! 

Visit our blogs today to meet our spouses and learn about our weddings! 

The Topics: 

June 5- Funny Moments From The First Year
June 12- Hardest Moments From The First Year
June 19- What Have You Learned From The Unexpected and How Have You Grown as a Couple During The First Year
June 26- Anniversary Celebration Recap 

We look forward to reading about your engaged, newlywed, and marriage journeys! If you have any questions feel free to email Kalyn here


  1. Looking forward to reading your posts! So thankful to have met you in blogland! :)

    1. Can't wait to share them!! Same here girl.. Thanks again for putting this together it's such a special thing to do!!

  2. Oh how fun!! I can't wait to link up with you all...I can't believe we are all celebrating one precious year this June! So excited!


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