Sunday, May 5, 2013


1. I got a wild hair to clean out the secretary that was left to us which now sits pretty in the corner of our dining room, it turned out to be the perfect place to do some carefree writing, bible study and journaling. 

2. Although I love to display my favorite book findings around our home, this drawer just held them all so nicely and at arms reach.

3. All that organization sparked me to also finish getting the entire dining room just like I wanted it, at last. I think it looks great, it makes me look forward to having a little family of our own one day (in the future, not now guys!) all gathered around that pretty little table eating well mastered table course meals ( I'd like to think I will be able to cook as good or better as the Martha Stewart by then ya' know) . 

4. As you have already seen, one thing kept leading to another and before I knew it I was on pin it lane and found this cute idea! Therefore, the next time Husby turns to the Mississippi page of the Atlas, he will find the cut out left overs from my Natchez encircled heart I snatched. Let's hope we're needing to travel north in our next little adventure lest I will have to buy a new Atlas. 

1. I swear my dear mother in law was programmed with pinterest on steroids ingenuity. She amazes me at the things she derives from her brain. This little project came shooting straight from her noggin' and with a little help from the Husby it came to life, just perfectly. She is so proud, and so are we! It's beautiful!
2. Yeah, I held the bolts.. major job ya know
3. The safety glasses were my way of fitting into my surroundings, wouldn't want a sudden jagged bolt to come freakishly flying my way, right?
4. The finished project. I would say "She's the Man!" but she might get me for that one! Good job MIL!

1. A little bass fishing with the Husby afterwards, I just love how he preaches to me to fish the back of the boat, but once he sees fish my way (as in the back of the boat) the rules seem to change suddenly. He better be glad he's cute.

2. Bird nesting the open face reel every cast got old and the fish didn't seem to be biting anyhow so this gal turned to Pandora radio for some serious music therapy and a little vitamin D. 

3. The running rose that grows over the ivy covered arbors on the side of our house just began blooming all of these beautiful buds, aren't they something!? Garrett rang the door bell and met me at the door with a freshly picked one just the other day. They have the prettiest smell to them.

4. We were anxious to whether or not the apple tree was going to make this year due to the weather we've had here lately, but it seems like we'll be getting a few handfuls of fruit after all. 

This weekend started off a little bumpy but it turned out to be so perfect. Life is sweet. I hope it's treating you kind as well.


  1. New follower of your blog! :) Absolutely LOVE IT!!! :) Do you have Instagram?!! I need to go check! YAY for new blog friends!


  2. you are so productive!!! i need to take notes :) xox

  3. Omg you had such a fun and busy weekend!! you are always soo cute!! I love all your new projects that you finished!

  4. Hey Girl, if You haven't already been nominated, I nominated you for the Liebster Award..Go to for details! :)


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