Sunday, July 29, 2012

sunday's letters

dear God:  i know that your in control but it's so hard to keep my chin up when i feel it drifting down with discourage. i know you have a plan for me and that i need to just be patient.

dear husby:  i am so proud to call you my husband. you have been so supportive and loving the past couple of weeks and i know you will always be my soft place to fall when times are hard. you take care of me, good care of me, and i love you most.

dear mama: i'm growing up and still you help me out so much. i'm thankful for the goodies you always send me home with when i come to "visit". you look great and you know you do. i'm proud of you.

dear mil: i could not ask for a better one. i'm so thankful for all you have done to help me out and treating me like i'm one of your own.

dear monkey: i wish i could have made you all better but i'm glad to know your not suffering anymore. we loved you and gave you a chance of having a good "home".

dear birdy: i had no intention of ending your little life in such a horrible way. i'm realizing now i'm just no good with animals.


  1. I agree with so many things! Especially God and MIL. So you've been caring for a monkey?

  2. we actually had a cat named monkey! lol


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