Monday, July 2, 2012

honeymoon time!

it's true
pictures are worth a thousand words
we'll look back on these moments in years to come
and we'll smile..
and think back to..

when we snuck the plunger into the condo
because you claimed "someone fouled the toliet up" before you
..when i stole the magnetic fork and knife set at jim -n- nicks
leading you to pay with cash because you were scared they would track us down
if you used your debit card..
"walk faster, babe let's get out of here!"
when i broke the wine glass in the dish washer and you called me
dragging me out past the waves with me on your back like a cat in water
because i couldn't stand up to even attempt to swim
playing my first time at the slot machines and making an extra ten bucks
making me call the front desk at the hard rock hotel because you
accidently checked us out early on the tv..
eating my birthday breakfast with me
and holding hands on the drive

these are the moments we live for

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