Sunday, July 15, 2012

meet monkey

since the husby is in the shower i decided to do a little posting
 and this is monkey our new little nugget full of joy
he's adopted
and we are proud parents
: )
..yes, he is a cat and yes i named him monkey..
             but the name fits since he has a monkey-like demeanor
            he prefers to lounge around our neck and cuddle a-lot
garrett laughs because i pick the most off the wall names to bestow on every animal i own
..he even had the nerve to tell me i wasn't naming our kids..
that man
and to think i had so many great names already picked out:
fudge round would be great for a little chunk huh?
really i am kidding don't take any of the above to heart
jeez im not that crazy
garrett adores monkey
and so do i
even though garrett gave him my favorite cheetah aka snuggle blanket
it's all dope
while we were watching swamp people i convinced him to make the little guy a house kitty
he surprised me when he said yes like he had already made up his mind before i even asked
softy i tell ya
we will see how it goes..

i hear the husby
it sounds like he is scrambling in the kitchen
he must be eating a whole box of cookies by now

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  1. Aah, now Iget it, lol! And he's much cuter than a monkey!


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