Friday, July 6, 2012

so we settled for a bowl of cereal

i can bet you can guess whose steak and potatoes is whose?

it's good to have a husby who can work the grill
 husby -because i told him "hubby" makes me think of
a chunky man who wears over-all's and a red bandanna around his scruffy un-kept head
so husby it is
the other night he decided to impress me with his famous steaks
and he did!
he even marinated it over night
it was delicious
oh, those potatoes.. i did that
i've really enjoyed cooking for him
he told me
"babe, i think you like to cook!"
and i thought about it for minute and to my suprise
"hey, i think i do too!"
he thinks i'm good at it
but i really haven't cooked anything drastic
it's all simple
but he doesn't have to know that!
for all he knows i slave away in the kitchen to feed his sweet face

our first meals together as newlyweds:

1. bbq pork loins
mexican rice

2. buffalo quesdillas
mac and cheese being the back-up plan
(you know me with my made up recipes)

3. chicken roll-ups
string beans

4. chicken shit

5. steak and potatoes

not so bad, huh?

well pretty good compared to this:

so i decided to make him breakfast
while he was in bed
my pancake (meaning one) in turn looked like a burnt chicken breast
and the eggs smelled like a stale fart
the house was a complete smoke bomb

i guess i can't impress him every-time i cook, huh?

so i offered him french vanilla pudding
but it's a good thing he didn't eat it because it was brown
which meant it was out of date
out of date meaning the year 2007
i didn't think much of it at first, it's french
maybe french vanilla is darker than vanilla?
needless to say, tobey sopped it up with a biscuit

so we settled for a bowl of cereal

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