Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i am a messy cook, always

it's a rainy morning and i just kissed the husby bye
so i guess i'll enjoy this cinnamon cream cheese smothered bagel by myself
..he doesn't like bagels anyway..
i didn't either until just recently
i decided to start eating breakfast for a change but we'll see how long that lasts

last night i cooked garrett a "easy/complicated meal" this time
easy because it was simple but complicated because the butter exploded beyond the pan
garretts eyes looked as if they were going to explode too when he saw my messy goodness
i am a messy cook, always
but this was more like a catastrophe in itself
but it was super yumm-o
and garrett loved it
i know he likes it when he asks me save him some for lunch
when it comes to food i've found he never lies

tomorrow i have a doctors appointment that i've had scheduled forever it seems 
i've been having some health problems since a little before the wedding
that got out of hand
but since then i went to my regular doctor because
i couldn't wait any longer to be seen
and im feeling great now i just have to finish my anti-biotics up
so im hoping to hear some good news tomorrow and that everything has cleared up
garrett has been a good sport though
he really has practiced the "in sickness in health" part of a marriage
and i am so thankful to have such a supportive husband
he has a good heart and he makes me happy even when i feel like shadookie

: )

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