Monday, July 16, 2012

one month

today marks exactly one month since we made our special vows
 before God, the preacher, and everyone that we love.
it was such a beautiful day filled with many happy tears
i was overwhelmed with how lovely our wedding was and i'm 
grateful to my parents and every single person who helped make it so.

im glancing down at the time on the computer and recollecting
what it was i was doing at this exact moment in time on our special day.
the photographers were taking their last few shots of me and my bridesmaids
in a hurry before garrett and his groomsmen came to start getting ready.

see, garrett and i decided that we would wait to see each other that day as i was walking 
down the aisle toward him. everyone tried their best to convince us to
 "have our special moment" before the wedding so that we could go ahead 
and take our pictures beforehand but to us
it takes away the anticipation and the beauty of the moment

so we waited
and we were glad we did because
 the ceremony could not have been any better than it was
it was so intimate and emotional for both of us
we both cried of course
& it was bittersweet
and our together photo's turned out just as good as if 
we would have taken them beforehand.

so word to the next wise bride:
have your special moment when you want
because it is one of those beautiful moments in life
that you will look back on in years to come
and you want it to be everything you ever dreamed it should be.

it is hard to believe that a month has already passed since the wedding
but the day still plays heavily on our hearts as we think back.
i pray we always look back on it often and smile just as we did then.

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