Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Important Subject: Lady Time

I've found being married gets comfortable after a while.. it's not unusual to find ourselves doing or saying things we wouldn't have normally done around each other if we were still in the "dating" phase of our relationship. (With that being said, i'm not hinting that we belch and fart on each other like some married couples enjoy doing for reasons we don't understand.) 

You know what I'm talking about: Long were the days of hiding behind my makeup in fear of him discovering what was underneath , those days seem so silly now because I have found he actually loves my natural look just as much as if i were dolled up to go out on the town. I never truly knew how many cookies he could stuff his face with until "death do us part" and out of all the little pretty things in my closet, he doesn't mind at all if I choose to rock his cut off muscle shirts and twister boxer pants to bed.

 This is the way it's suppose to be, we both find new ways about each other everyday, it's all apart of being married, right? I know i'm not alone in this matter of life, but sometimes having cactus legs isn't high on my to -do list, they seem quite helpful on cold nights as matter of fact, and my eyebrows can usually wait until they are protruding past my eyelashes before I feel the need to "take care of business" anymore. Isn't that awful!? And for that, I will most likely be rewarded the worst newlywed wife award sometime in the near future!

I'm only kidding though, but this past weekend I decided it was time for some much need "lady time". My nails looked as if a rat had chewed them in my sleep so I gave those crying babies some attention! In other words: I got my nails done and in Shania Twain's lyrical words, "Man, I feel like a Lady!". You wouldn't believe it, but these classy pieces of plastic super dooper glued to my former teeny bop nails inspired me to do other womanly things like, paint my neglected toe nails of many months and pluck some unwanted wild hairs hanging about! So here's the bible of the blues lady friends, it's important to have "lady time" in a marriage. Even though it is nice to sport the "five day old look" and sure husband most likely doesn't mind, but c'mon let's get real, your looks matter so pull up your slouchy granny pants and get to looking lady like sometimes! 

 Dearest Wifey friends of mine: How do you spend your "Lady Time"?? Let me hear them!!



  1. This is so true! Especially the cactus legs haha. I'm quite fond of a good haircut for getting stylish and primping up during my "lady time". But most of all, we try to pick one day a week (usually Fri) for date night and so I go all out on looking cute, even if we stay in, just like when we were dating :) Gets me in gear to pluck those crazy brows & comb my hair ;) lol

  2. Hey Callie! I am not sure how I found your blog, but I have been following along for a few weeks now. This post is SO stinking true! We got marred in June and I can completely testify to everything you wrote here! I adore my husband, but every now and then I have to go just browse a few stores to keep my sanity sometimes! I am never out to buying anything, it is just nice to have some girl time :) Marriage is phenomenal and I love every single aspect! I blog about all we are learning in our happily ever after over at :) I would love to swap buttons with you!


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