Sunday, February 3, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Weekend:


1. The husband can scare me when he goes all side ways on the tractor, and yes I too noticed how I sounded like a panic stricken twelve year old on the video, this is why it's best I don't attempt vlogs.

2. After morphing up some future peanuts on , I found we will obviously have darling babies, oneday that is.. the scary thing is they actually look like us!

3. It it still very possible to lock my keys in my jeep, in the carport, even after I am a grown married woman. Thanks to my sweet brother, it's now possible to actually leave the carport, having only one key to it's name.

4. Wine always makes me wanna put my "grab your mop bucket" panies on and clean something for some reason.

5. Mila is good with sleeping babies, Mother Goose she is.

And that is all so far guys, if I happen to fall over and learn "something new" I will be sure to share!

Happy Weekend Dearies!

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