Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Top 12 of 2012

After stalking ( in a non-creeper way) a few fellow bloggy friends of mine, I've notice many of them listing their " Top Twelve of 2012" and i thought, what a great idea!. So i decided to share my Top Twelve with all of you! This is a great thing to do, I think I may do this every year for the rest of my life! Here we go:

# 1: This one is easy! Marrying the love of my life!
We had an unforgettably beautiful wedding, but what
was most importantly beautiful, were the vows we each 
made, to keep forever in our hearts.

#2: Will You?
I will never forget the night Garrett proposed to me, in Natchez
Our quiet place in the world
Where we also spent our first date
There under a huge tree on our park bench staring out at the beautifully
lit Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

He asked me to be his Wife that night
and I have been saying "Yes" ever since

#3: Wedding Showers
We were so very blessed to receive so many gifts!
I hate to admit I've ruined a few towels in the wash cycle
 since then but every gift has been put to good use!

#4: Honeymoon Time!

#5: Our First One Month Anniversary
Most couples may not think much of being married only one month
But it was just such a sweet moment for us, it just seems to stick to our hearts

#6: Adopting Mila
She is our baby and brightens our day with her little personality
of her very own

#7: My First Breakfast Disaster
I never thought I would actually have the newlywed wife stamped
 "cooking disaster" but I was very wrong.
I still blame the pan.

#8: Our First Wedding as Newlyweds
Not only did this sweet couple get married at the same place as we did
They also both caught the bouquet and garter
Being there that day was such a sweet remembrance of our day
even though it had only been a few months since then

#9: Revamping the Hizzity

#10: Our First Newlyween

#11: Our First Christmas and Newly Years

#12: Just simply being "Newlyweds"
Our plan is to stay forever newlywed.


  1. This is such a sweet post! Yay for 2012 i got engaged and married in 2012 too:)

  2. This is such a cute post!

  3. You guys had an awesome year, for sure! And I've been married over 2 years, and I've yet to get to go to a wedding since my own! I fully intend to stay forever newlywedded, too! :)


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