Sunday, January 13, 2013

He is there.

"I keep asking myself when the rain is going to grow tired of falling from the sky,
coincidentally, it seems to fall at the same pace my week has"

As you know, this week has been a few sunshines away from what I would have liked, and I promise this is the last time I will rant about it, but I felt inspired to write about it once more after hearing a much needed sermon at church today. Don't you just love sermons that come right at the time you need them, you know the one's that hit the nail right on the head. It's the ones that makes you feel it was planned just for you, and it was in truth, I believe it with all my heart. God knew that I needed a "pick me up" message, and if that isn't a good enough affirmation that "He is there" to the world, then I don't know what is!

The weather has been so gloomy here lately, one day it's disgustingly humid and the next bitter gusts of wind slap the hope of sun shiny days right off your very face. The message this morning was the story of Jesus walking on water, how his disciples had little faith . After the winds grew too heavy, one cried out "Lord save me!" and He reached out his hand and caught him, and the wind ceased. We're always going to have times in our life when our arms get to heavy to hold all of the struggles life brings about, we may even feel like Peter slowly sinking in the waters, but if we focus our eyes on Christ we'll never loose our balance, He will always have his hand stretched out for guidance and direction. After we made our way past the church parking lot, I told Garrett how I felt that message was just for me and he agreed that God has a way of lifting you up in times of need. I am so thankful for that sermon this morning, it has encouraged me to keep my eyes lifted toward God instead of letting the weight of the world bring my spirits down in times of trouble, pain or sorrow.

 Recently, I have started a prayer journal, I was encouraged to start one after reading an inspiring post about it. I just write to God, and it's really something to look back a few pages and see the blessings that come forth right before my eyes. For some reason, it's much easier for me to write out my prayers to Him, that way I can say the exact words I want to say. He knows the words I mean without me even writing them, I know, but it makes me feel like I have prayed at my best whenever I take the time to write down the words I really want to say. My goal is the grow closer to Him, and I pray that I will do so without ceasing.


  1. How true how true ! I told Bro. Willie on my way out, as I shook his hand... "bullseye" ! Nothing else needed to be said, he brought the message God wanted me (and you, and others) to hear... Just when he knew we needed to hear it... He does have us in His arms at all times, especially when we fall.

  2. A prayer journal is a great idea! Sometimes it's easy to get distracted or just have a case of ADD when you pray, but I would imagine this would be a wonderful help in focusing.- Thanks for that encouragement today.- I hope your sunshine comes out soon!

  3. I have started back at my prayer journal as well! I'm so glad to hear you enjoy it too. I love that I can look back through my prayers and see where the outcomes.

    1. it's really something isn't it!? I feel so much closer to Him too by just writing down the words I truly want to say!

  4. Hey there. I'm a new follower and fellow newlywed. Cant' wait to start reading more of your blog!

  5. hi!! so glad you are following!! I love that you are also a newlywed too!!


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