Tuesday, May 29, 2012

humble is our love

never underestimate the power of love
find the one who pulls your heart strings toward theirs without doubt or fear
that they will break the trust that holds your heart intact below your barrier of bones
because love isn't "if" it grows
it is "how" it grows
so plant your love in each others soul 
and care for one another daily 
that is my philosophy on love

in just three short weeks
garrett and i will be making our vows that we share in our hearts
made known to the world around us
and become man and wife
but we both know that it isn't just the wedding ceremony that truly makes a marriage
...................... is the love that you both share
and the strength you both give to keep pushing life from one valve to the other
providing the heart beat that gives your love life
the air that you both yearn to breathe

 i have always told garrett
"we have something worth keeping for a long , long time"
and it wasn't just a sweet gesture that rolled off my tongue one day
i have always meant it from the moment i realized what a great love we have for one another

we simply know what we have
and we know what it takes to keep what we have
but humble is our love not prideful

we are very blessed to both be in the same state of heart
and there is no doubt that we both come from a long line of love

i pray that we both carry each other through each day
love wholesome and never let these feelings fade
we have so much to look forward to and it just makes my heart smile
thinking of all of the beautiful years to come

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