Thursday, May 10, 2012

they showered us with love

the game plan was initially to write on this blog after we got married..
..but i thought posting a little about our showers would be great
maybe even a few pictures, why not?
..the wedding is five short weeks away..
yes, im sure i counted correctly
there is so much to do still
..but it will all work out
just like it always does..

hey, here's a fun fact:
2.3 million couples wed each year in the united states
that breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day!
just imagine all of the money floating around
that's insane!
how many brides are getting ready for their big day at this exact second in time?
or having a nervous breakdown for that matter?
i pray both me and garrett make it to the preacher without fainting

so i just had to throw that out there
no pressure here!

the cake in our wedding colors

he was a little excited
loading up
my sister, mama and me

we had our first shower on the twenty-nineth of april
& it is amazing how giving and loving friends and family are
during such a special time
his mom told the old wise tale that i had never heard which is:
each time you have to cut a ribbon from a gift you make a baby
needless to say i made a lot of babies!
we were given all kinds of goodies
from crystal pitchers to kitchen appliances..
bakeware sets, silverware, pyrex glass containers..
the list goes on and on
i would stop and breath thinking i had finally reached our last gift
and another one would be in my lap before i could look down!
-we are very blessed-
but the shower giving isn't over
our next shower is in just a few days!

in my attempt to get ahead of myself
i have been slowly boxing up odds and ends
so that maybe the moving process won't be so bad
so far i have a count of ten boxes
..but before your eyes pop out your noggin'..
only two of them are clothes related
pretty good for a girl, right?
the other boxes are full of home decor' items
comforters, pillows, books..
i thought this plan would make my room look less cluttered
but it really hasn't
i am surrounded by brown boxes
all distinguishly labeled with a good ole sharpie

: )

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