Thursday, May 17, 2012

our vows

i vow..

to always kiss you goodnight even when you make me
really mad- because i love you and i couldn't bear the thought
of waking up one morning wishing that i would have

to love you, and only you, as long as i live

to always point out the freckle on the tip of your nose
i do it because i love it

to always put you first

to use a spoon rest in the kitchen to the best of my ability-
at least while you are around me

to never ever, ever tell you how to fry a pickle! or any other
kitchen related stuff

to stand beside you no matter what

to always be there for you in times of happiness, sadness, and all 
of the in-between emotions that we will face together

to always keep pushing you to taste new foods even when
you don't want to

to do what i tell you i will do. because your trust means everything
to me

to continue spoiling you with head scratches as long as you never lose that
look in your eyes you give me every time

to always include you in any decisions that have to be made, large or small. because we are
one and we will do things as one.

to never forget the reasons why i love you so

to never stop thanking God for putting such a beautiful, caring, loving woman
in my life. and for blessing us with this special kind of love that we share.

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