Monday, May 14, 2012


first of all:
the movie "the vow" has to be the most precious
movie i have ever seen
and what makes it so, is the fact that it is based on a true story
i sure hope i don't ruin the movie for anyone
..listen your gonna have to stop reading this post if that is a factor..
because i'm almost ninety-nine percent sure i'm about to..

yeah so it's a movie about a newlywed couple distanced by a tragic event
who were in the end brought back together by love
and started a new beginning
see, what did i tell ya?

you just don't see that genuine love for one another much in the world today
people give up too easely
divorce is an easy alternative and it is spoken too much of these days
don't get me wrong:
there are times when divorce can't be avoided and it is totally understandable
 there are also times when divorce is just convenient
and that be the bible of the blues

i truly believe in the power of love
& maybe i am a hopeless romantic who would proudly vandelize 
the letters L-O-V-E around the earth if the opportunity arose
but in my opinion, there should be more of us in the world 

anyway, before i began my benefit for love rant..
garrett watched a few minutes of the movie with me the other night
but he had to leave and we didn't get to finish the whole movie
so i told him i would wait and watch the rest with him
i couldn't wait
im so glad i didn't though because now i can't wait
to see garretts reaction to the part where channing tatum bares his booty to all
i told him:
" i can't wait until you watch it with me, there's a part i really want you to seeee!"
i just can't wait to marry that man
garrett smith, i mean

so since the movie gave me the love goosies
i decided it would be fun for me and garrett to write down a few vows of our own
these vows won't be read at the ceremony they are strictly personal
anything we promise to keep during our marriage whether silly or serious
and for anyone who doesn't believe in silly love
you need to take a better bite out of love
& who knows, maybe i will share a few since they are so stinkin' sweet if you'll keep reading
: )

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